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16 Creative And Funny Ways To Say Thank You To Friends

We attract many people every day. They all belong to different age groups. It is believed that we treat everyone differently. We never know who can help and guide in the matter or difficult time of our lives. That’s why we should find some way to show our regards to them. These are the creative ways to say thank you.

Different But creative romantic ways to say thanks

1) Thank you

  • Thank you so much, sweetheart.
  • Thank you, love.
  • Hey, thank you for making my day awesome.
  • Thank you so much for everything you did for me.
  • Thank you for the lunch babe.
  • Thank you, hun, for love and care.
  • Thanks for your precious time.
  • You are adorable, thank you cutie.

2) So nice of you

  • This is so nice of you.
  • So nice of you for helping me out.
  • Aww, this is so nice of you.
  • I have no words to appreciate what you did but really this is so nice of you.
  • Thank you, so nice of you.
  • Oh My God, you helped me in a way no one can even think of. So nice of you for everything love.
  • Thank you so much for saving my day at work and letting me know that what is good for me. so nice of you for your assistance and care.

3) It means a lot

  • You helped me on the first day and it really means a lot.
  • Thank you for making my first day at office survivable. It really means a lot.
  • Thank you so much for whatever you did for me to drag me out of trouble. It means more than you can even imagine.
  • You are a great person, a great friend, a great colleague. Thank you for making my sad faces happy.
  • You made my better days best and my bad days better. Thank you, this means so much to me.

4) Thanks a bunch

  • Thanks a bunch for the chocolates you gave me when I was feeling low.
  • You are a cute piece of cake and I can not describe how much I am thankful to you for your sweet act of kindness.
  • You supported me in a way no one can do. Thanks a bunch for all the support, care and love.
  • Came home to the flowers you sent for me. Trust me I was so happy seeing them. thanks a bunch, love.
  • I know you are always there to help me out of difficult situations. I really want to say thanks to you for the things you did for me. Thanks a bunch, sweetheart.

5) I really appreciate

  • You are so good with words and I really appreciate you for all the consoling you did.
  • Thank you for helping me decide what is good for me and what is not. I really appreciate your every act of kindness.
  • I appreciate that you trusted me and joined your hands with us to make our company more flourished.
  • I appreciate your efforts and the hard work you did for getting a promotion. You deserved it.

Romantic Things to do for Thanksgiving

6) Say thanks by Cooking food

As we know, sharing food is one of the sweet ways to make a relationship special. It will be an excellent gesture for someone if you specially prepare any meal for them. It will also show that you have invested your time and energy for them.

7) Thank you cards

Say thank you by making any card by yourself or buy from any shop. You can also write any particular words.

8) Bunch of flowers

Flowers are a beautiful gift of God. There are many colors and variety in it. Therefore, go to any flower shop and buy a bunch of flowers as flowers are a symbol of remembrance and pleasure. It is the most common romantic way to thank someone.

9) Share Sweet things

  Chocolates and cakes are known as the best treatment for anyone. Sweets and deserts cheer up the mood of everyone. People put special effort into giving stylish and wrapped boxes of chocolates.

10) Invite for tea/ coffee

Another way to say thank you is to invite someone for a tea or coffee at your place or in any restaurant. It gives the vibes of home and care. At the same time, we get time to communicate with each other.

11) Send a message or make a call

Nowadays, people are busy or live far away from each other. If one didn’t get a chance to meet, then the technology world has introduced us to cell phones and net. Send a few grateful words through message just in few seconds. Moreover, one can send any image of thank you as well.

12) Gift of candies or chocolates

Girl love candies or chocolates so if you want to ask thankyou to girl present here a candy box. A girl will love this idea and she will definitely help you a lot more next time; your relation will get longer and stronger.

Fun Things to do for Thanksgiving

It is noted that there are no sorry and thanks to you in friendship, but sometimes these words function as a spell so we should use it, with our friends and dear ones we always try to find out a funny way to express our feelings.

13) Shout in the ear

With friends, there is no boundary. The best way to say thank you at the moment is to shout in the ear of your friend and then ran away, of course.

14) Share funny quote/ card

There are many cards with different funny images of cartoon or animals. They also have funny quotes as well which seems funny but means a lot to our friends. Therefore, buy a funny card, write any quote or your own words and give it to your friend.

15) Blow up firecrackers

Not all of our friends are brave enough to see the firecrackers. Keep this way of saying thank you as a treat because it’s not only going to scare your friend but also award you a memorable day.

16) Give a hug

Sometimes our friends just need a hug, and they consider it as a token of your gratefulness. So, don’t miss this chance and deliver it as many times as you can.

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