Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck

Albert Dweck has managed as the CEO of Duke Properties & Artifex Brokerage. Throughout my professional career, he has worked on more than 50 real estate partnerships, including more than 500 units. By guiding people through each step of the investment process Albert Dweck helps them make a profit from the multifamily property.

Albert Dweck founded Duke Properties and is the company’s, Chief Executive Officer. Duke Properties has an established history of investing in value-added investments and is strategically situated in various communities across New York City. Duke’s primary goal is to earn profits by investing in local communities to benefit both residents and our partners. He is dedicated to excellence through analyzing distressed assets on a high level and regaining the worth of these assets. Duke Properties provides a gateway for investors who are hesitant about risk and looking to tap equity pools in the expanding regions that comprise the market for multifamily homes in this city. Duke is honored to offer safe, affordable living places that its inhabitants can afford.

Artifex can be described as an agent that represents commercial brokers. It concentrates on representing small and medium-sized office tenants and landlords with attention to professionalism, detail, and attention to detail typically only large corporations can benefit from.

With Artifex Brokerage, Albert Dweck and his team provide commercial leasing with the same level of care and assistance that big companies get to Tenants and Building Owners. There are also agreements with businesses in the field of construction and design, which could be very advantageous and allow you to take advantage of the tools of technology to increase your profits and fill vacancies faster and cut down on your costs. To help businesses sort through their finances to determine the amount they can ” manage ” and which options could be the most beneficial for your company and your long-term future.

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