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The most beautiful sunsets and sunrises of the globe. The perfect skies and the most amazing sunrise view only on unseen beaches. On the coastline, two other parks for camping and visiting are Cayo Costa Island and Red Coconut RV resort with a clear water but it’s more of a sandy beach.

Not leaving anything behind, as said earlier Florida offers a vast range of beautiful beaches and the most heavenly views. 

Get your gear and just go already! 

Central and Southern Gulf Coast of Florida

Jumping onto the Central and Southern Gulf Coast of Florida, here are my picks of the National Parks and beaches that one should be choosing from. 

Considering, the Gulf Coastline is about white sands and gulf waters. The beach itself offers a great bird life to the day light. Also, this one is just a mile aways from downtown St.Petersburg. 

A familiar name every American is aware of is  Fort De Soto County Park. Now, this park has  been awarded many times. This park was also mentioned as a must visit in Florida on trip advisor. 

Now, missing that is not the right choice at all considering the facts. 

The park is a huge visitors attraction due to its calm seawater surrounded by the green shady trees, makes an ideal spot for families and kids. And it even allows campers for camping too alongside the facilities.

So if you are looking for a clear emerald green water surrounded by white sand then head towards the Northwest Coastline of Florida. 

Specifying a few names are the Johnson Beach, Big Lagoon State Park, Fort Pickens, St.George Island State Park; now this one is famous for the trout fish and mackerel. 

Camp Gulf, St.Andrews and GraytonBeach Park are also the few best beaches in Florida known for the breathtaking view and amazing site for camping. 

As mentioned from my experience, I have been to all these beaches mostly and Some of them I would just live to go again and again. 

It’s just of the world experience from my hectic and busy work life. 

If you are planning to go camping or be it beaching, make sure to check out At least a single one out of them for a life collecting moment. 

And if you are into beaches and a beach person like me, don’t waste your time about overthinking and not planning to just go and visit these amazing and beautiful beaches. 

I tried being as helpful and truthful for the campers who are either planning to go on their first ever camping experience and for the readers as well. 

So,  just if you are planning to visit Florida. It’s Miami time finally! Adding a just kidding emoji here! 

Pack your bags with the most comfy and yet cute summer outfits and hot swimwear, get the perfect summer Instagram shots and beach inspiration quotes! 

Get your camping essentials in the car trunk and plan ahead if your work life doesn’t allow you to take any more leave. I feel for you all. 

Make the most of your vacation because it’s Miami time after all.

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