Classic Meets Contemporary: Checkout These 8 Kurtis For Women With A Modern Twist

The staple dress for Indian women, a kurti, helps with the right amount of comfort and coverage. Available for all body types and ages, kurtis for women are unique. Owing to the fact that there are so many kurti styles available, you can never have enough of them. Each has a striking feature to vouch upon, making you look stylish and chique at the same time.

Usually considered traditional attire, kurtis for women come in different styles and designs. This timeless piece of clothing looks great upon all. Whether you are off to the office, planning to attend a family function or having a casual day out with friends, a kurti can be an appropriate choice. Also, certain kurti designs have a contemporary style for you to sport, a combination of classic and modern to select from. Moving on, here are 8 kurtis for women with a modern twist.

1.   High Low Kurti

Within a high-low kurti, you have a straight hemline, defining a sporty outlook. This design suits all body types and ages. You can wear it to college, office, or other formal events. Pair your kurti with jeggings or ankle-length leggings for that perfect look. For footwear, go with high heel sandals, flat heels or covered formal boots as you find comfortable. 

2.   Kaftan Style Kurti

Though kaftans date back to the Mesopotamian civilisation, the fit, flare and comfort in design make them a contemporary essential among kurtis for women. This particular design is the most suitable for women with a tall physique having pear, round and triangle-shaped body types. Wear it to your college or office to experience the ultimate ease throughout the day. Full-length leggings are the best type of bottom with the same, along with flat sandals.

3.   Front Slit Kurti

Are you bored with the regular kurtis and the long flares? Then go for the one with a front-slit design. The slit will jazz up your outfit style, amplifying the look. Among all other kurtis for women, this one will look good on you when you have a triangle figure or a round body type. In bottoms, team it up with a palazzo of contrasting colours to make yourself look tall. Front slit kurtis are available in simple and heavily embellished varieties. 

4.   Denim Kurti

Denim can never go out of style. You can even sport it as a shirt, skirt, bottoms or kurtis. Moving on with all the kurtis for women available with a modern twist, a denim kurti is for the young to the middle-aged tribe. Also, it looks the best across all body types, which you can team up with leggings or ankle-length jeggings. Because denim kurtis are usually blue, you can keep it simple white for the rest of the attire or go for a contrasting effect with shades of red and yellow.  

5.   Flared Short Kurti

Available with a V-neckline and a flared outlook from the bottom lasting till your upper thighs, a flared short kurti is every girl’s best friend. However, wear these with ankle-length chinos, treggings or jeggings for that clear look. Otherwise, things can go pretty sloppy. You can pair the kurti with a wrap-around skirt and formal boots for a more traditional yet Western effect. Wear round hoops for the earrings, and keep your hair tied in a messy bun. 

6.   Overlay Style Design

Simple yet different from the regular look, choose the overlay style design among several kurtis for women. These are mostly available in an embellished or embroidered design, having multiple layers, that you can wear to any party or special occasion. Wear it up with linen pants, ankle or half-length leggings. 

7.   Long Straight Cut Kurti

A long straight-cut kurti is something that you can wear as a dress or pair up with bottoms and a dupatta for that ultimate traditional vibe. You can go with a front cut or a cutout by the sides in the neck design, adding that extra charm to your look. Suitable for age groups, this particular kurti type is a must-have in your wardrobe for days when you do not have the time to dress up, but it is important to present your best to the outer world.  

8.   Dhoti Style Kurti

Quite common among Bollywood celebrities, a dhoti-style kurti gets a mix of high low, and asymmetrical cowl-cut designs by the heline. If you have an inverted triangle body type, this one can be the best party wear you can choose. For the bottoms, wear simple dhoti pants in neutral shades or leggings.  


So that is all, your complete list of kurtis for women with a modern twist. Given the fact kurtis are rightfully gracious, you can never go wrong while wearing one. Make sure to choose the one which suits your body type. Also, be mindful of the fabric and weather conditions for ultimate comfort.

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