Co-Working in Jakarta

Co-Working in Jakarta

Define co-working

Co-working is a new trend in the business world, providing recreated working environments available for lease by multiple companies. Co-working spaces eliminate the need for any company to constantly relocate to more spacious buildings to accommodate its growing number of employees. For an agreed lease program, a company can acquire a co-working space where its employees share a working environment with others from other companies. Such co-working spaces re-create office amenities such as desks, chairs, printers, and Wi-Fi in multiple capacities. It becomes possible to house operations of more than one company in the same building. Some lease plans often allow the incoming company to customize their unit to suit their needs. Interactions within co-working spaces often sprout into partnerships and the realization of new business opportunities.

Co-working in Jakarta

For any existing corporation or an upcoming freelancer, co-working spaces in Jakarta are an ideal business environment choice. Imagine a decentralized working environment allowing your employees to interact with those of your competitors or role models. Such spaces strike creativity and motivation in the employees. Sharing ideas among the employees brings out their full potential by building on each other’s ideas. The current trends in the market have made co-working a lucrative opportunity in Jakarta. With several real estate firms rushing to provide the needed services, there is a need for companies and corporations to possess enough skills to choose the best lease plans for co-working space in Jakarta.

Choosing a co-working space in Jakarta

What constitutes ideal co-working in Jakarta? Before signing up for a lease program in a co-working space, it is crucial that we first answer this question. When selecting co-working spaces in Jakarta, you pick out a business location and a working environment for your employees. Let’s discuss a few factors to consider before choosing the appropriate co-working space.

  • Available amenities- the available amenities in any business environment determine the motivation driven by the employees. Select a co-working space that provides all necessary amenities like; Wi-Fi, printers, conference rooms, and desirable furniture. Since you might not necessarily find a co-working space providing all amenities, figure out what amenities are vital to employees and then decide which of those you would not wish to compromise.
  • Cost- it is convenient that the monthly rate for the co-working space you choose does not strain your company’s resources. Co-working spaces in Jakarta vary in cost depending on the location of the building in the town. Match the desired proximity of the co-working space to the amount your company can afford.
  • Current inhabitants- when moving into a new co-working space, the employees will meet new people who could be potential partners? The general working environment in a co-working space is dependent on the people in it. If your employees have committed and ambitious partners, it is highly likely that they will be motivated to work harder. Conduct background research of the tenants in the working space you wish to occupy before signing the lease agreement.
  • Location- where is the co-working space located? Is it convenient for all the employees involved? An ideal co-working space should be easy to access and strategically located to suit the nature of your business. Choose a location that requires minimum commute time for the employees.
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