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The best content creators are those with a passion for their craft, however, we live in an expensive world and passion alone doesn’t pay the bills. Although ad monetization is an excellent way to ensure creators get fairly compensated for their work, it isn’t easy to get the most revenue out of your product. That’s where an ad monetization platform like The Viewpoint comes in.

What is CTV Ad Monetization?

Ads monetization is a method of earning revenue by selling advertising space on or around your content. A more traditional example of this would be a TV network selling air time during ad breaks. Connected TV (CTV) refers to consuming content through a family of devices, which include, but isn’t limited to smart TVs, video game consoles (like Xbox), and dedicated stream devices (such as Chromecast and Roku).

CTV monetization using ads instead of subscription fees involves ads being played before and even during the content being streamed, sometimes also involving small banner-styled ads which don’t interrupt the content. A classic example of this form of monetization is the video streaming service Youtube, where ads are presented in a variety of forms to generate income for both the channel and Youtube itself.

By monetizing via advertisements rather than a subscription or pay-per-view model, you have the ability to reach a wider base audience with removing the monetary barrier to your content. This makes it significantly easier and more accessible to build a following who may then be more open to more direct forms of monetization in the future.

Advertising in a CTV environment allows advertisers to be more dynamic in their campaigns, especially with the speed programmatic (automated) selling facilitates, but the content owner selling the advertising space benefits as well. CTV advertising naturally drives toward better targeting of ads that reduce ad fatigue in the viewer, which can affect their enjoyment of the content, as well as giving easy access to various data metrics.

What is a Monetization Platform?

A monetization platform is a service provided by a third-party company that facilitates generating revenue from content whilst also maximizing said potential revenue. This service utilizes modern ad technology to help content creators and media owners grow their audiences, create new revenue streams, and facilitate the sale of ad space on their content to advertising partners who meet their preferences and standards.

A video monetization platform offers various aspects which all come together to offer a complete suite of tools and functionality, however, of all of them, a mark of the best of these services is reporting. High-quality platforms, like TVP Connect from The Viewpoint, provide a dashboard that allows access at a glance showcasing performance feedback, optimization tools, and performance forecasting. These comprehensive reporting tools allow content owners to adjust their monetization settings at any point, based on near real-time data. Combined with advanced audience targeting features, this data allows for relevant ads to be placed in front of viewers that actually care about the products and services being shown. This leads to a win-win scenario; the content owner is making money, the advertiser is enjoying a high conversion rate, and the viewer is not being overly disturbed by the adverts they’re viewing with the added bonus they can actually derive meaningful benefit from them.


For both content creators and owners alike, effectively monetizing their content is a challenge that can make or break the viability of future projects. By using a CTV ad monetization service like TVP Connect from The Viewpoint, not only is this process simpler, with easy-to-use tools and endless customization options, but income can actually be significantly higher than using a lesser service whilst attempting to self-monetize. This is due to the monetization platform allowing publishers to connect much more directly with advertisers; with fewer middlemen involved, the income is higher for the publisher whilst the ad campaign is actually cheaper for the advertiser.



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