Smile 101: A Guide to Different Types of Dental Health Services

There’s never been a better time to start taking care of your teeth. Thanks to the rise of the global pandemic, dental hygiene has become a major priority. Even for people who haven’t exactly been brushing twice a day for years.

The good news is that now that you’re finally trying to do better, it doesn’t have to be difficult! There are plenty of dental health services out there that will make things easier for you.

Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common services you can use.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

It consists of bleaching products and light treatments to get rid of surface stains. It also removes deep-set stains below the enamel to get a brighter smile.

Veneers are also a popular form of cosmetic dentistry done excellently by Vancouver orthodontists.It’s used to repair discolored teeth, chips, and gaps and to align teeth that are not straight. They consist of bonding porcelain shells to the surface of the tooth to achieve the desired result. If you want to learn more about the process and benefits of veneers, you can click here for more information and to explore how this cosmetic dental procedure can enhance your smile.

Endodontic Procedures

Endodontic treatment involves various instruments to access the pulp and its structure. It also includes medications to counteract any bacterial activity. The most common endodontic procedure is the root canal. Through this process, the infected and inflamed tissue is removed. Replacing it with a biocompatible substance that preserves and maintains the tooth.

Other endodontic treatments include crown lengthening, intra-canal therapy, and endodontic surgery. All procedures that fall under endodontic practice must have specialized ability and skills for a successful outcome. Making it essential for dental patients to seek a professional or dental implants office when evaluating treatment options.

Pediatric Dental Services

These services are typically provided by trained pediatric dentists. It can include preventative care, restorative care, and treatment of gum disease. They also provide dental cleaning and fluoride treatments in addition to other services.

Parents can learn the importance of instilling good oral hygiene in their children. Allowing insight into how to ensure their children’s mouths remain in great health.

Periodontal Treatments

Professional periodontal treatments can help restore teeth if they become damaged from periodontal disease. This includes deep cleaning to reduce plaque and tartar build-up.

It also includes treatment with antibiotics, scaling and root planing, and gum grafts for lost gum tissue. In some cases, periodontal treatment can help ensure the long-term success of restorative dental work.

Orthodontic Services

Orthodontists are specially trained in dental care and corrections of misaligned teeth. They specialize in treatments such as braces, retainers, and other appliances. It helps straighten teeth and correct bite issues.

They are also able to perform surgery. It includes jaw realignment, as well as orthognathic surgery.  It helps to retrain the jaw from a facial harmony standpoint.

Orthodontic services help to create an optimal, natural, and healthy alignment of the teeth and jaw. Giving patients the confidence to smile and improve the esthetics of their faces.

Different Dental Health Services Available Today

We hope “Smile 101” has been a useful guide to the different types of dental health services available and how to choose the best service for your needs. Make sure your teeth are healthy and give yourself a reason to smile every day!

Schedule a preventive care consultation with your dentist today for optimal dental health!

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