Disposable Masks, Protective Gloves and More: Top Pandemic Precautions

Disposable Masks

We’ve got good news and bad news.

The good? At long last, rates of COVID-19 seem to be coming under control! Although well over 32 million Americans have caught it to date, the infection rate’s dropping and the vaccination rollout’s going to plan.

The bad? We’re not out of the woods just yet!

From washing our hands to using protective gloves, we still need to put sensible safety measures in place to evade danger and get rid of the virus once and for all.

Want to learn more about what preventative steps you can take to stay safe this year? You’re in the right place! Check out this list of key pandemic precautions each of us should be taking in 2021.

Stay Socially Distanced

Social distancing is all-important in the battle against coronavirus. Why? Because pandemics thrive in crowded environments.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re at a party, a concert, a live sports event, or a crowded grocery store. They spread like wildfire! One infected individual spreads spores to everyone in the area, who then transfers it to others, and so on…

Keeping your distance and avoiding crowds stops that eventuality from occurring. Try to stay indoors when possible and remain two meters apart from others if/when you have to leave.

Oh, and don’t forget: if you feel sick with COVID-related symptoms, stay indoors and self-isolate! After all, this is a team effort; we all have to be responsible and do our bit to stop this debilitating virus in its tracks.

Wash Your Hands

Pandemic precautions don’t come much simpler or more effective than washing your hands. After all, think of how many surfaces you touch on a daily basis. Inside or outside, there are endless opportunities to pick up and transfer dangerous bacteria.

You might have COVID spores on your hands at this very moment! Fail to wash them and you could transmit it to anyone who shakes your hand or comes into contact with surfaces you’ve been touching.

Remember, washing your hands to stop the spread of a virus is very different from giving them a quick rinse. Imagine that you’re a surgeon getting ready to operate! Using soap and warm water, you should spend at least 20 seconds thoroughly scrubbing each part of both hands.

Wear Sterile Disposable Gloves

Washing your hands on a regular basis is crucial to killing any dangerous germs on them. But sometimes (e.g. when you’re at the grocery store) you lack the means to do it! Likewise, over-washing or sanitizing can lead to dryness and irritation.

The result?

Wearing sterile nitrile or latex gloves is a useful alternative- especially in places where other people have been spending time and touching surfaces. You’ll avoid transferring bacteria from your hands to anything you touch and vice versa.

Sites like will tell you more about a) what these disposable gloves are and b) the benefits of wearing them. We recommend getting your hands on (and inside!) some ASAP!

Deep Clean Your House

Your hands aren’t the only thing that needs to be cleaned. With family members coming in and out of the house (and potentially bringing in germs with them), it’s important to deep clean your surfaces too.

It’s worth knowing the difference between cleaning and sanitization though. Wiping your kitchen counters with a damp cloth might make them look clean. Zoom in with a microscope, though, and it could still be riddled with bacteria!

That’s why employing a disinfectant spray is imperative. Only then will you clean your surfaces and kill any germs in your house. Check the label on the bottle to ensure it’s equipped to tackle COVID-19 (or the particular pandemic in question).

Pay special attention to specific “high-touch” areas as well. Things like doorknobs, faucets, light switches, and remote controls are all prime territory for germs.

Wear a Mask in Public

Masks have divided public opinion throughout COVID-19. Some countries swear by them and made it a legal requirement to wear them in public places. Others have taken a more liberal approach and left it to personal choice.

However, the verdict seems to be unanimous nowadays:

They do make a difference!

Whether it’s the law or not, wearing masks in public will slow the spread of this airborne infection. Try to keep one on hand at all times- in the car, in your jacket pocket, and next to the front door. Put a mask in these types of strategic locations and you should never forget to take a mask out with you.

Abide By Official Guidelines and Laws

Our final suggestion is two-fold:

  1. Stay up to speed with the latest public health guidance from the government, and
  2. Abide by the rules and regulations they put in place!

Remember, public health is their number one priority and they have leading experts guiding the policies they put into effect. The result? If they say it’s safest to stay indoors, then you should do exactly that!

The trickier part’s keeping up to date with everything.

Because this is such an unprecedented situation, governments everywhere have had to pivot and course-correct as new data/insights have come in. Throw in the occasional piece of “fake news” and it’s confused the narrative around the necessary precautions to take. Stay in the know by checking official .gov websites on a regular basis and staying abreast of the news.

Invest In Protective Gloves and Other Pandemic Precautions!

COVID-19’s caused all sorts of trouble over the last 12 months or so. Thankfully, because of the warmer weather and rollout of the vaccine, it seems to be coming under control! But we can’t rest on our laurels…

The ongoing risk means we should all continue taking active pandemic precautions. From wearing disposable protective gloves to staying indoors, we hope the suggestions in this article will help you do exactly that.

Want to discover more ways to stay fit, healthy, and happy despite the Pandemic? Search ‘Health’ on the website now.

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