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How to Pick the Right Hat Size

Did you know that just about every man wears a hat at some point during the year?

Wearing the right hat size can be more important than if it goes with the latest fashion pattern, though. If your hat doesn’t fit right, it will be uncomfortable to wear and may not even protect you from the elements.

Read on to learn how you can pick the right hat size.

Measure Your Head for the Best Fit

Start by measuring the circumference around your head, just above your ears and across your forehead. Use a flexible measuring tape or a piece of string if needed. It is important to measure the fullest part of your head for the most accurate fit.

Depending on the type of hat you are looking for, the hat size can be labeled as a small, medium, large, or even in inches. After you have your measurement, look for the most corresponding measurement (in inches) in the size chart for the specific hat style you are looking for. 

Consider Your Personal Style Preference

Defining your personal style means selecting a hat that complements your outfit, complexion, and facial features. If you have a round face, choose a hat with a wide brim to add length to the face. For long faces, select a hat with a slightly narrower brim.

Consider a fedora or baseball cap for medium faces and a beanie or sun hat for oval faces. Additionally, choose and match it with the colors of your wardrobe or pick a contrasting color to make a statement. 

Comparing Hat Sizes Across Brands

When comparing the size of hats across brands, first use a soft tape measure or string to measure the circumference of your head just above the ears. Each hat brand, like those from State Homegrown Apparel, has its own sizing system, so try to find a brand’s size chart before making a purchase.

Taking measurements using a hat size chart with different brands and sizes can be time-consuming but helpful. Hat size equivalents can also be found online, but it is best to double-check before making any purchases. 

Taking Into Account Hair Length & Volume

When selecting a hat size, it is important to take into account hair length and volume. For those with short hair, the general rule is to select a hat size that is a half size down from the head circumference measured by a tape measure.

Additionally, for those with high-volume hair, a slightly snug fit is better, as the hat may stretch out over time. Finally, those with larger heads may need to go up in size to accommodate for hair. 

Find the Best Hat Size

When you find the right hat size, your hat will be comfortable and stylish. Follow the steps in this guide to measure your head, try on hats, and use a sizing chart to find the best fit.

You’ll soon be wearing the perfect hat that will reflect your personality and keep you looking sharp! Start your journey toward a great look today.

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