Work Injury Insurance

Work Injury Insurance

Most companies provide additional packages to their employees besides paying their salaries. Expat workers in Singapore are not left behind when it comes to inclusive employee packages like medical care. Leave travel allowances and pensions are some components of employee insurance in Singapore that employers provide to their employees. Some occupations require travel insurance besides health insurance. Some other reasons that may arouse an expat employee in Singapore to join health insurance are as follows.

  • Where an expat is a business owner and doesn’t have any insurance plan.
  • Where an expat marries or is married to a Singaporean and doesn’t have insurance cover.
  • Your current plan doesn’t adequately cover your dependents and children.

Maintaining a healthy labor force in an organization is expensive to employers, but the benefits of a loyal workforce are numerous. Employers in Singapore are constantly striving to hire and retain employees, and a sound health system is a factor to consider. As an employer, you need to look for a reputable health insurance company in Singapore.

Employee health insurance covers in Singapore

You need to look for a company that can meet the following insurance plans for your employees

  1. Basic employee health insurance

Basic employee insurance in Singapore primarily covers paid sick leave, visits to various health care workers, and prompt health screenings. Our health insurance company Singapore is looking for tailor-made employee insurance health schemes that include dental insurance and wellness initiatives. Our programs help employers to hire and retain those that are talented in their organizations. You can also check out The Insurance Surgery for better plans.

  1. Work injury compensation insurance

It’s a statutory requirement for employers in many parts of the world to give their employees work injury insurance compensation, especially those who work in risky industries. Protecting employees against accidents is saving the company. Health insurance compensation boosts their morale, which is why we help you design an excellent work injury compensation plan.

  1. Travel business insurance

Travel business insurance has gained immense popularity among business persons who travel a lot throughout the world. Travel business insurance comes in handy where employees travel a lot on company missions. Among those who require travel business insurance include reporters, journalists, and sales representatives, and managers. Our company provides travel business insurance cover to cater for businesses. We offer comprehensive coverage to aid employees traveling locally and overseas, and we require a minimum of two employees to kick off employee insurance in Singapore.

  1. Critical illness

Our insurance company covers your employees any covers upon diagnosis of ailments such heart attack, stroke, cancer, and kidney failure. We only require a minimum of five persons to protect you.

  1. Accidental death and disability

AS part of work injury compensation, we usually have a lump sum compensation for employees who either die or become incapacitated due to work-related accidents.

  1. Medical leave wages

Another benefit that employee insurance in Singapore offers to our employers is in the form of wages paid to employees who are on sick leave due to a work-related injury.

  1. Hospital and surgical

Another vital cover that we have for our employees is covering their medical expenses when they are hospitalized.

Final thoughts

Employees’ health is essential for the productivity of an organization, and therefore taking an insurance cover is the best remedy for your enterprise. Don’t wait for accidents to occur and result in substantial medical bills, but be proactive with a health insurance cover.

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