3 of the Best Women’s Sun Hats For Travel

3 of the Best Women's Sun Hats For Travel

As summer is just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your warm-weather wardrobe. If you’re planning a sunny vacation, where beaches and cloudless skies await, then it’s doubly important to ensure that you have a sun mind your own uterus hat that can travel with you.

Alongside sunglasses and sunscreen, sun hats are one of the best ways to protect Sun hats and Sports Cap while you enjoy a day out. If you don’t already have one, though, or you don’t have one that’s easy to pack along for a trip, then now is the time to start your search.

Why Should You Have a Travel Sun Hat?

Not everyone loves wearing hats and that’s understandable. Until you find a hat that you like and that works with your style, it can be difficult to convince yourself you should bring one along on a trip.

Sun hats are about more than just fashion, though. Wearing hats can reduce the risks of heat stroke, a serious medical emergency. If you aren’t careful about your sun exposure, your body will overheat to a point where your organs begin shutting down and you’re at risk of dying. While wearing a hat won’t protect you from heatstroke entirely, it will reduce the risk.

Constant sun exposure can also damage your hair. By covering your head with a sun hat or scarf while you’re out and about, you can protect your hair from the worst.

Sun hats provide additional protection from the sun for your skin. Even with sunscreen, your face will need all the help it can get to avoid being damaged by the sun’s direct rays. With a sun hat, you won’t have to worry about how long it’s been since you last applied your sunscreen. While you will still have to reapply it, it won’t be nearly as urgent if you’re wearing a hat.

How to Measure Your Head for a Hat

If you’ve never measured your head for a hat before, you’re likely wondering where and how to start. The good news is that measuring your head is not that difficult and once you have your size, you don’t need to re-measure your head for every new hat you buy.

If you want a guide with pictures, here’s a WikiHow article that shows you what to do. If you do alright with written instructions or don’t necessarily need photos, read on below.

The only thing you’ll need is a sewing tape measure. If you don’t have one of these, then you can use a string and a flat ruler instead.

Place one end of the tape measure (or string) in the center of your forehead, just above your eyebrows, and wrap it around your head. It should sit about half an inch above your ears or where you want your hat to rest.

Pinch the place where the tape measure reconnects with the starting end of the tape. If you’re using a string, you may want to cut it here so that it’s easier to recognize where the circle begins and ends. With a tape measure, the measurement will already be written on the tape so simply write it down. With a string, lay it flat alongside your ruler to determine your measurement.

The number you come up with will be your hat size. Write it down somewhere so that you have it handy when you buy your next sun hat.

3 of the Best Women’s Sun Hats For Travel

3 of the Best Women's Sun Hats For Travel

Now that you know how to measure your head and you’re aware of the dangers the sun can pose to your health, hair, and skin, it’s time to look at the best hats to add to your wardrobe for this next season.

#1. Cuyana Brimmed Sun Hat

If you’re looking for a classic-style sun hat, the Cuyana brimmed sun hat is a well-loved and luxurious hat. It comes in four different colors and sizes with a size chart that’s easy to follow if you know your head measurements. It even has an adjustable band to help ensure a perfect fit.

Its wide brim will protect your face from the sun whether you’re at the beach or walking around town.

#2. Alo Yoga District Trucker Hat

If baseball caps are more your style, here’s an affordable and stylish choice by Alo Yoga. With five different color style choices, this unisex cap is adjustable to fit most head sizes. If it ends up not fitting or you simply don’t like the look, Alo Yoga accepts easy returns.

#3. Wallaroo Tahiti Hat

This straw fedora adds a fun pop of color to your outfit while still looking fashionable and chic. The hat itself is one color but comes with four color options for the band. While it is only one size, the hat does have an adjustable band inside and Wallaroo has a sizing guide you can check.

The best part about this hat is that it’s incredibly easy to pack. It rolls up nicely so you can stuff it into your carry-on bag and once you get to your destination, it pops back up and is ready to be worn.

Have Lots of Hair?

For those with lots of hair or big hair, finding a hat is made all the more difficult. While your head may be one size, your hair makes it an entirely different size. The frustration is real and, unfortunately, can make buying hats online all but impossible.

If you have big hair, you may want to look at for a hat that will be easy to wear. With dozens of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, you should be able to find a hat that you like without having to worry about it being too small. If it is too small, the company offers 60-day returns and swaps!

Don’t Let the Sun Stop You!

Sunny travel days await you, so don’t let your fear of damaging your hair or getting burned to stop you! With a sun hat now in your travel bag, you’re ready to take on any sunny destination you may dream of.

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