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30+ Clever, Funny and Cute Ways to Say Good Morning

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There are many romantic, smart, cute ways to say good morning to our dear ones. These ways a bit funny and naughty but you can start your morning with fun by using these ways. Here are a few romantic ideas to express our affection towards them.

Best Sweet and Cute Ways to Say Good Morning

1) Rise and shine

You can say rise and shine to someone you care about to make them feel special. This is the cutest way to say good morning to someone.

2) Good morning cute face

You can say this to someone with a cute look to make them feel more loved and special.

ways to say good morning

3) Wake up panda

As pandas sleep a lot and they are lovely too. So, you can say this to someone who sleeps a lot, and they look cute to make them feel pleasant.

4) Good morning sunshine

So many people make your life bright. To make them feel precious or to tell them that they mean something special to you, you can call them sunshine.

ways to say good morning

5) Good morning, shine bright like a sun

Instead of calling people sunshine, you can also bless them by saying something unique like ‘shine bright like a sun.’ Phrases like this always make the other person happy.

6) Wake up sweetie

Waking someone up by calling them sweetie, sweetheart, cutie is the cutest way to say good morning. This makes the other person smile.

7) Good morning, have a nice day

Saying good morning and wishing them a nice day is something appealing to others. This is also one of the cutest ways to say good morning.

Best Funny Ways to Say Good Morning

8) Good morning chubby

Chubby is the word used for fat people. So, you can use words like chubby, stout to make typical good mornings funny and more appealing.

9) Stop snoring and wake up

Saying a simple good morning is so dull for you? Don’t worry; you can make it more alluring and funnier by saying such phrases.

10) Good morning my cute little omelet

Omelet is everyone’s favorite breakfast. Calling little kids as omelet or cupcake, especially at morning makes them feel attractive and funny.

ways to say good morning

Sweet Romantic Ways to Wish Good Morning

11) Good morning love!

Calling people love is so romantic and fascinating. When you are saying good morning to someone, and you call them love, it makes them feel more intimate towards you.

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12) Did you sleep well, honey?

Asking questions in the morning about comfortable sleep in so tempting and enticing. This can make others comfortable and relaxed with you.

13) Good morning beautiful

Nothing can make others feel good, but calling them beautiful with good morning can make their whole day beautiful.

14) Good morning have a nice day sweetheart

Wishing people a beautiful day with words like sweetheart is so romantic and attractive. By this people can know their worth in your life.

ways to say good morning

15)  Seeing you in the morning makes my day

When you see someone special in the morning, it can bring good vibes to you. You should tell them that they are essential and how understanding them can make your day pleasant.

16) Starting my day with you is a blessing

Starting a day with your loved ones is, no doubt a blessing. Telling them that how much they mean to you can make them feel superior and exceptional in your life.

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17) Good morning handsome

Calling your male partner elegant can make them feel loved and special. It can bring a smile on their face, which is so good for the start of the day. This is another romantic way to say good morning.

ways to say good morning

Best Things To Do At Morning Time

18)  Good morning one-liners

Oneliners are the most ordinary ways to wish a morning time. Here is some unique collection to wish moring time by using one-liner.

  • My sweetie pie good morning!
  • Good morning beautiful, wake up, it’s a new day.
  • It’s a bright day to start with, good morning, my bunny.
  • Start your day with breakfast made by my dear, have a perfect morning.
  • Your smile shines my morning, good morning.
  • Have a lovely morning, my sweetheart.
  • Look at the sky; it’s a bright morning.
  • A new morning, new day, new goals, have a great morning.
  • Every new morning is an opportunity to take a fresh start, have a great day.
  • Good morning, Today’s morning is as lovely as you.
  • My morning is beautiful when I look at you, keep shining my morning.

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Some Cool thing you can do in the morning time to make your partner happy and you can say good morning in a different style by doing these things.

19)  Make breakfast

It’s a beautiful feeling for anyone who wakes up early in the morning and surprisingly gets the warm prepared breakfast by their dear one. Many people feel uncomfortable to wake up early in the morning and directly go to the kitchen and prepare breakfast. Therefore, it is one of the best caring ways to make their morning unique and happy. 

20)  Sing a song and say good morning

Music is known as a part of the soul. Its musical lyrics can take the person into the world of imaginary and especially when a dear person dedicates it; it becomes unique. So, welcome your partner with the light, soft music and make it mesmerizing morning for her/him. It will be more romantic if one sings the song softly for the partner. Just give a try. 

21)  Good morning with red rose 

Red rose is a symbol of warm and deep love. How wonderful it feels if someone gets up and finds out red rose in the surrounding. The fresh fragrance of roses will make the morning just beautiful. 

Girl holds flowers against pinkish backdrop

22)  Leave a message  

It will be a fantastic feeling if someone receives sweet messages of affection from someone. It believes that the words we say to others can make them feel happy or sad. Therefore, we should be careful about our choice of words. Leave a few words of care for our dear ones so when they will wake up and read, will become happy. 

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Best Funny Things To Do At Morning Time

23) Morning puns

  • Wake up; the sun is here to welcome you.
  • You are a warrior, you killed all mosquitoes, good morning.
  • Good morning snoring dragon, have a good day after a horrible night.
  • My mom’s breakfast encourages me to leave my bed, good morning, Mom.
  • I hope you’re a sister who is no less than an alarm has wouldn’t let your sleep for long, have a good day dude.
  • My girlfriend’s snoring habit motivates me to wake up early morning, good morning.
  • I couldn’t imagine my morning without you, yes, my coffee cup in my best friend.
  • I am heartily thankful to the person who invented the alarm clock; otherwise, my boss wouldn’t let me in the office. Have a great morning.

24) Bucket of water or burst the water balloon

Playing with water is on the part of our lives. There are many water games which we are playing since our childhood. Throwing water or burst water balloon on someone busy doing something or sleeping could be the most irritating and annoying but funniest way to wake someone else.  

25) Play any loud music 

There are many genres in music. But to disturb anyone who is deadly sleeping, loud music is the best option. Place the speakers aside from the bed and play the music of loud music. 

26) Place the alarm apart

No one in the world likes siren, but everyone is bound to put it before their sleep as it is known as the best way to wake up early morning. As the sound of the alarm is disturbing so to tease anyone put all the bells as many are available with the time difference of ten minutes and at a different place of the room, so after ten minutes when the alarm will ring it will annoy the sleeping person. 

27) Tell them they are late

If we don’t reach on time, probably our boss or head will become angry so one can use it as a threatening statement to wake someone up. 

28) Take off their blanket

Everyone likes to sleep comfortably. For this, many people usually take a piece of cloth or sheet to take over. If we snatch their warm blanket, it will make them furious, try it! 

29) Good morning with cream

Put some cream in hand of sleeping person, so when he/she takes overhand on the face will get shocked and scare at once.

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Sweet Romantic Things To Do At Morning Time

30) Say I Love in Morning Time

The three words, ‘I love you’ enough to realize your partner how much you love her. If you say ‘I love you’ with a cup of coffee or tea for her, your partner will care you more a full day.

31) Morning Start With Hug And Kiss

Give a morning hug to your partner with a kiss. Nothing better than that to say him a good morning in that style. You can do this with your mother, father or with anyone you would like to do.

good morning hug

Say Good Morning to Wife

Say good morning to wife by sending images and quotes is ordinary. We discuss some unique ways that usually people do not do in routine but believe me these ways are more romantic. Here are special things which you can do with your wife.

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32)  Grab and smell her hairs

Grab or hug her from the back while she is brushing his teeth or cooking breakfast, smell her hairs, kiss on his back head and wish him a beautiful morning. Women love this because she always wants importance from their partner. These little romantic things make your relationship stronger.

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