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23 Different Formal and Funny Ways To Say Yes And Okay

When someone asks you a question and wants the positive answer do you know how to respond in style without saying the common word ‘yes’? Here we have a different collection of ways to say yes and ok — this collection based on sarcastic, slag funny ways.

Funny Ways To Say Yes To Look Cool

Answering someone positive in a funny way shows how cool you are. Check some fun collection of words that you can say instead of yes.

1) Roger sir

When someone commands you or say anything that you are supposed to do. You can say Roger sir in a funny way to break the seriousness or to show them you are okay with whatever they said.

2) Gotcha man

The gotcha is a funny way to say that ‘I got you.’ This word is used to affirm that you got the other person. When you add some other word with gotchas like bub, buster or man. This can make your way of saying yes funnier and more affirmative.

funny ways to say yes

3) Uh-huh

It is not necessary that only words can make things funny. Or only words can affirm things. You can use UH-huh to show your willingness and confirmation by using this word. You can also this in a sarcastic way as you are making fun of something.

4) Boo Yeah!

This is another fun way of saying yes to someone. Calling others boo is funny, so you can add simple yeah to exclaim them you agree with them.

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5) Sounds like a plan

When someone is telling you about what they are going to do. Instead of simply saying yes, you can also say “sounds like a plan.” This can make the situation funny and excited.

funny ways to say and ok

6) Aye aye captain

When you want to say someone that you got them and willing to do what they said. You can simply say aye aye captain or simple aye captain to assure that you are saying yes. This is one of the funny ways to say yes. You can also use this word to say okay in funny ways.

7) Yo man

The word yo is just like the word gotcha. This is another way to say yes to someone. It comes under the funny ways as yo don’t make any sense properly. So, you can say yo man to make the situation funny or to break the momentousness in conversations and also to show your willingness.

say yes

Funny ways to say okay

8) Here we go

As an alternative to saying simply okay you can also say that here we go. You can use this word as, ‘Okay/here we go, let’s start the work.’ Or Okay/here we go, you can do this. Instead of saying ‘okay young man, let’s do this’ you can say ‘here we go young man, let’s do this.’

9) Cool

Cool is another way of saying yes in a funny way to assure others that you are okay with whatever they say. This can make others feel good.

10) You bet

Saying simple okay and yes is somehow dull. You can choose alternative words like ‘you bet man.’ This shows your confirmation and assurance, but ‘You bet’ is also a funny way to say okay or yes to others.

funny ways to say ok

11) Okies Dokies

When you want to confirm something funnily or show some frankness and openness to others, you can simply say Okies Dokies to make the situation funny, calm, and relaxed. You can also say Okie Dokie instead of Okies Dokies.

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12) Deal with it

This is another fun way of saying okay to someone. Like you are funnily threatening them by saying ‘deal with it’ to make sure you are going to do what they said. But you can’t know merely okay to them, why not say something else. “Deal with it; imma do it in the half-hour.”

13) No doubt

When you are feeling okay with the situation, you can simply say no doubt instead of saying okay or yes to make sure that you are confirming things.


14) Sounds good

Sounds good is another fun way of saying yes or okay to others. You can tell people that whatever they are saying is a good thing, and it feels like a plan.

Sarcastic ways to say yes

15) Alright then

When you are sharp to people around you, you can say ‘alright then’ instead of simple okay or yes to others. It seems that you are mocking someone or making a situation ironic for others. Like, “Alright, then, let’s do it.” “Alright then, we will follow your commands.”

Sarcastic ways to say yes

16) I got this! Okay?

Another way of mocking someone is to say ‘I got this! Okay?’ to assure that you got what they said. But you are showing attitude or make the situation seems ironic and funny.

Slang ways to say yes

17) Agreed

When you want to say okay to others but differently, you can simply say “agreed” to make sure things.

18) Yaaazzzz

This is another slang or funny way to say yes to others. This word can make the situation cute and funny.

19) Done and dusted

When you are incredibly excited about something instead of saying simple yes or okay to work, you can also say “done and dusted for sure it is.” This shows your confirmation and your desperation for the work.

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Sarcastic ways to say yes

Fancy words for yes

20) I second you

When you fancy someone, you can simply say that you are good with whatever they say by saying ‘I second you.’ This means that you are going to follow them. Or you are affirming them, as you admire them.

21) Certainly

Certainly, it is another way of saying yes. When you adore someone, you simply follow whatever they say. By saying certainly, you can assure them that you are with them and you are confirming what they say.

Fancy words for yes

22) Absolutely

‘Absolutely true.’ This ensures that you are unconditionally following others. You are saying that what you commanded is true. Or what another person says is true. You are supporting them in a fancy way by using the absolutely, instead of simple yes.

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23) As you say, sir

When you are fancying someone, their words are holy to you. You always say that they are right. So, instead of saying only yes or okay, just say, “As you say, sir.” This shows your affection towards them.

Boo Yeah!

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