4 Exciting Christmas in July Party Ideas

4 Exciting Christmas in July Party Ideas

The weather outside might not be frightful, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a delightful holiday hangout in the middle of the summer.

Christmas in July is an odd little tradition. There are various potential origins on the web, with some people attributing it to a girls’ summer camp and others attributing it to countries in the southern hemisphere wanting to celebrate the holiday in winter instead of their summer.

Whether you’re throwing an office party, a friends and family gathering, or just a Christmas cookout, we’re here to offer some party ideas. Keep reading to learn more.

1. DIY Ugly Christmas T-Shirts

Now is not the time for Christmas sweaters. Even if you’re in the southern hemisphere, temperatures aren’t dipping enough to bundle up in front of a fire in most areas.

Instead, why not do some DIY ugly holiday t-shirts?

They won’t go to waste. You wear t-shirts in the winter as well, and they make a perfect undershirt for your ugly holiday sweaters. Two layers of nonsense!

Set out an area for crafts and a collection of white, red, and green t-shirts. We suggest bringing along:

  • Hot glue
  • A sewing kit
  • Pom Poms
  • Small jingle bells
  • Glitter
  • Marker pens

As well as anything else that fits your winter theme.

2. Christmas Cocktails

No one wants hot chocolate in July, but why not craft some tasty Christmas-themed cocktails instead?

Get creative. While you can look online for easy Christmas cocktails, you can also make a game of it by having everyone try to concoct one of their own.

Frozen “hot” chocolate with Baileys? A cold “hot toddy?” What about a creamy eggnog-inspired drink?

Some of the results will be horrible, but it doesn’t matter. This is a great way to get people laughing and bonding.

3. Festive Outdoor Games

One of the benefits of having Christmas in July is that you can play all of your favorite outdoor cookout games. While you’re roasting turkey legs and ham on the grill, set up some festive versions of some popular outdoor games.

Do you like team games like casual soccer? What about a difficult ring toss? Instead of standard goals, use giant candy canes to give your games a Christmas vibe.

Cornhole is popular amongst drinking adults, so why not paint a cornhole board like a Christmas tree and throw ornaments into the holes? Make sure that you’re using durable ones!

4. White Elephant Gift Exchange

What’s Christmas without a few presents?

A white elephant exchange is a classic regardless of whether you’re celebrating in winter or summer. It’s a silly and low-stress way for everyone to get a gift.

Have everyone buy (or make) a gift under a certain price point. Make sure that they know that this gift could go to anyone, so it needs to be something suitable for most attendees.

You can pick a theme to make it easier, like prank gifts.

When it’s time to exchange presents, follow the instructions for a white elephant exchange.

Christmas In July Is Coming

Before you know it, Christmas in July will be here. Santa won’t be coming this time around, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fun and festive time.

Don your favorite holiday accessories, bake some cookies, and call all of your friends for a summer holiday celebration.

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