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5 Health Benefits of CBD for Pets

Did you know that 56% of vets report using CBD for their canine patients? Furthermore, 80% of vets claim there are no significant side effects to using CBD for pets.

Even if you’ve heard the benefits of CBD, you may still be wondering: Is CBD safe for pets? The answer is yes—studies show that CBD with the toxic THC removed is both safe and effective for animals.

If you’re still on the fence, check out this list of five undeniable health benefits of CBD for pets!

1. Less Anxiety

If your pet suffers from anxiety, they may show symptoms like destructive behavior, excessive grooming, panting, pacing, and accidents inside the house. This can be distressing for animals and owners alike, but CBD can help.

CBD may function a lot like serotonin in the brain. As a result, CBD oil for dogs and other pets can aid in relaxation and even make your pet happier.

2. Less Pain

Many older pets suffer from age-related chronic pain or conditions like arthritis. In addition, pets of any age could be in severe pain while recovering from injuries or surgeries.

CBD products for pets can reduce aches and pains and improve quality of life. It works by blocking pain receptors and increasing natural pain-relieving hormones.

3. Less Inflammation

For pets with tired or swollen joints, CBD can help reduce inflammation. It also improves flexibility.

For older dogs, less pain and inflammation can lead to a boost in mobility. After enjoying the best CBD dog treats, your older dog may regain the agility of its youth! This will also help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

4. Less Nausea

CBD has an antiemetic effect on pets. If your best friend suffers from chronic digestive issues or even temporary nausea due to medication or car sickness, CBD pet products can relieve their symptoms. It even helps with nausea associated with cancer treatments.

In a similar vein, CBD can restore your pet’s appetite. Whether they stop eating because of nausea or other health issues, they run the risk of becoming dehydrated or malnourished. The effects of CBD may encourage them to get back to their food dish!

5. Fewer Seizures

Some studies report that, when used with traditional seizure medication, CBD can reduce the number of seizures your pet experiences. More research is needed, but it may work by preventing nerves from firing too much.

Regulatory agencies have not yet approved CBD treatment for seizures in pets. If your pet suffers from a serious condition, be sure to talk with your vet about treatment before adding CBD to their diet.

Learn More about CBD for Pets

CBD can relieve your pet of uncomfortable conditions like pain, nausea, anxiety, and more. If you want to make your pet happier and healthier, ask your veterinarian about CBD for pets today to learn more about your options.

Looking for more ways to take better care of your dog? Check out the Pets page on this site now to find plenty of articles about CBD and dogs!

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