5 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Reduce Your Chance of an Accident

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips to Reduce Your Chance of an Accident

There are a little over 8 million motorcycles registered in the US. Even a crude average gives you around 160,000 motorcycles per state. That’s a lot of motorcycles on the road, especially with riding season right around the corner.

Of course, that 160,000 per state is a tiny fraction of the total number of vehicles on the road. That makes motorcycle safety crucially important for experienced riders and new riders in particular.

If you’re a recent convert to riding a motorcycle, your odds of a motorcycle accident are very high. Fortunately, you can take steps that will help you reduce your chances of an accident. Keep reading for five key tips to help keep you safe on the road.

  1. Education

Many states will give you a permit that lets you ride unsupervised with certain limitations, such as only riding during daylight hours. You typically only need a passing score on a written test for this permit. Learning the rules of the road from a book is no substitute for practical training.

New riders and old hands can always benefit from a motorcycle safety course.

  1. Gear Up

Motorcycle helmets and protective leathers can prove uncomfortable, but they also save lives. Get a good helmet and other protective gear right out of the gate. If you ride with them from the beginning, you’ll get used to the weight.

  1. Plan Around High Traffic Areas

While you can’t always anticipate congestion on the road, there are common high traffic areas and times. Downtown corridors routinely have dense traffic and rush hours almost always mean heavy traffic. Downtown corridors are also the areas when you’re most likely to see doors opening suddenly, a common motorcycle hazard.

Whenever possible, avoid these areas and times while riding.

  1. Keep Your Mind on the Road

After riding for a while, you’ll grow less hyper-conscious of everything else on the road. These moments of distraction can prove dangerous for you, especially if you encounter someone in a car who drifts out of their lane or swerves abruptly at the same time.

Stay especially cautious at any intersection or in places where traffic merges, since your vehicle is low-visibility compared with other vehicles.

  1. After an Accident

Even if you do everything right, someone else can still cause an accident. If that happens, you’ll want an attorney from a firm experienced with motorcycle accidents. You can find a good example at

Motorcycle Safety and You

Sadly, you cannot rely on other drivers to watch out for you on the road, which means motorcycle safety must remain a priority for you.

That starts with proper training at a motorcycle safety course and getting yourself proper safety gear. Don’t skimp on your helmet. Get a DOT-approved helmet and reputable protective gear.

You can improve your chances of avoiding accidents by avoiding high-traffic areas and high-traffic times of the day. Keep your mind focused on the road as you ride.

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