5 Ways to Build Your YouTube Watch Time Performance

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YouTube is a huge phenomenon which has helped to boost social media and the way it functions. YouTube is one of the oldest and largest social media platforms of today’s generation.YouTube is also one of the first apps that made it possible for creators to convert it into a full-time career. This is because YouTube monetizes its creators. Therefore, if you are successful enough on the app you can even be paid and make a living through it. This allowed many people to branch out and show their creativity.  The audience on YouTube also appreciates these videos. People love listening to stories as it feels like they are talking to the creator. Furthermore, you can create different voices and add effects with an online voice changer. This will make your video more creative, and your audience can easily connect with you.

Being a new YouTuber, it can be a little difficult to entertain an audience. YouTube is an entertainment platform. Therefore, you also have to deliver your videos to that standard. When an audience watches your videos, you need to make them engaging enough so that they stick around till the end. A lot of the time, you may get viewers however people will not watch your video from start to end. Boredom can be one of the main reasons for this. 

Since YouTube has so many creators and so much content available, it is very easy for people to skip through videos. People may watch your video halfway through and get bored with the rest of it. This can cause a hindrance in your growth. If you wish to increase the watch time of your YouTube videos, keep reading the article. Here are 5 Ways to Build Your YouTube Watch Time Performance:

  • Have a great intro:

The introduction to your video can play a huge role in the watch time of your video. You need to make sure that your intro is as energetic as possible. You should edit it well and make it attractive so that your audience can get excited right from the beginning of your video. Having a good introduction will lay a good foundation for the rest of your video. You can compile a bunch of highlights from the entire video and put it as an intro or you can buy a Youtube intro maker. This will allow people to get a preview of what they can expect from your video.

You can add some very exciting and surprising elements to your intro. This will help people to feel the same. If you are starting with an animated layout for your intro, make sure that it is well-edited and colourful. You can also appealingly introduce yourself so that the viewer likes you. People may get bored if you talk a lot in your introduction, so try to avoid that. 

  • Break your videos into chapters:

Chapters are a great feature of YouTube. With the help of these, you can divide your videos into different categories. For example, one YouTube video can contain a bunch of different content. However, it is possible that your viewer came in only to watch a particular section of your video. Therefore, adding chapters will make it easier for them to navigate throughout your video. This will help you increase the watch time of your video. Through chapters, your viewers will know exactly at what time of the video their desired content is located. Therefore, they can directly assess that part without clicking off of the video. Chapters are a bunch of timestamps that are inbuilt into your video. They also make your video look more organised and complete.

  • Do storytimes:

Storytimes are a great way to increase the watch time of your YouTube video. With the help of storytimes, you can indirectly force your viewers to watch the video from start to end. Storytimes are entertaining as well as informative. Storytimes evolve gradually. This means that you will start a story at the start of your video and end it at the end of your video. Consequently, the viewer will be forced through the entire video to understand the whole plot of the story. The audience on YouTube  also appreciates these videos. People love listening to stories as it feels like they are talking to the creator. 

  • Buy YouTube subscribers:

Buying YouTube subscribers is a great way to increase your watch time. Along with subscribers, you can also buy a bunch of engagements. These engagements will make sure to give you more views on your YouTube videos. Not just that but they will also increase your watch time. Many companies on the internet offer services for YouTube. These services include views as well as real-time views. Most companies will give you highly genuine and realistic viewers who will watch your videos from start to end. These will be actual people who are not fake bots or spam accounts. In this manner, you can help to increase your engagement and grow your account..

In addition, genuine viewers will believe that you are well appreciated if you have a bunch of subscribers. This can also play a huge role in increasing your watch time. 

  • Create a series: 

Creating a series is a great strategy to increase your watch time on YouTube. YouTube has a feature that allows you to release a bunch of videos and compile them as a series. The series will range from the first video to the last. This will keep the viewers engaged throughout all the videos. They will make sure to watch all of your videos from start to end as it will feel like a continuation. It’s a great way to add a lot of views to multiple videos at once.

These were 5 ways to build your YouTube watch time performance. We hope that this article could help you increase the watch time of your YouTube videos.

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