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6 Easy Ways to Exercise in the Summer Heat

6 Easy Ways to Exercise in the Summer Heat

Working out in the summers can be dreadful at times. Almost 51.8% of people delay exercising in summer and that’s quite understandable. But even though the weather can be really horrible, you’ll still have to keep yourself fit.

However, most people often feel dehydrated and overworked after gymming for just a few minutes during the summers. Here are some ways you can take precautions even when you’re exercising during the warmer months.

  1. Avoid peak daylight hours

First and foremost, don’t exercise when the sun’s rays outside are at their peak intensity. This is usually between 11 am to 3 pm. The sun is highest in the sky then and working out, especially high-intensity sessions will make you feel extremely tired and unhealthy.

Try to work out before or after this set time period. If you feel you don’t wish to get up too early or that working out in the evening after coming back from work will be too hectic, try to find the motivation to do so. For example, treat yourself to a healthy smoothie after an evening workout!

  1. Change the location

If you usually run or jog on asphalt paths during the rest of the year, switch to gravel paths during the summer. Asphalt and concrete paths reflect the sun’s rays and can make your exercise much more difficult and strenuous.

Rather than absorbing heat, they will radiate it and you will end up feeling even more sweaty. If your running route is in the open, try to look for shaded areas or walkways. Look for parks that have trees lined up on the side so that you can rest in the shade as you run or jog.

  1. Change your clothes

Are you used to working out in long-sleeved gym t-shirts or black trousers? Well, during the summer, it’s time to change your attire. Switch all that heavy material for loose clothes that are comfortable and light. Opt for white or light-colored tank tops.

This is because dark colors absorb heat and can make you feel sweaty, while light colors reflect it, making you feel cooler and more comfortable.

So ditch the navy blues and dark greens for beige, light blue, and baby pink. If the dry-fit material gets too suffocating, go for cotton clothes.

  1. Put on SPF

Sunscreen should be your best friend throughout the year, but even more so during summers. Whenever you leave for your exercise sessions, or even if you do them at home, make sure to slather on sunscreen.

Sunscreen helps to protect your skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays, so why not offer some safety to your precious skin? Apply a generous amount of SPF 30 to your face, neck, and arms (you can even buy a higher SPF sunscreen for better protection).

Try to go for a sunscreen that’s free of oxybenzone to prevent skin irritations.

  1. Look for the AC

Working out in extreme heat can be very difficult. So look for gyms or places that have air conditioning. If you don’t wish to step outdoors and your own house has an AC, order gym equipment online and work out in the comfort of your house.

In case the heat gets too much, it’s better to find an indoor alternative. If you belong to a gym and you’re thinking of choosing a membership, this can be the ideal motivation to walk into the air-conditioned heaven to give yourself some respite from the scorching sun.

  1. Change your diet

If you don’t like eating much after working out, change this habit during the summers to feel better. The average adult loses twice the electrolytes and salt content in their bodies when they work out in the extreme heat. Even though this can be a good way to flush out toxins, it can make you severely dehydrated.

So drink plenty of healthy sports drinks like Gatorade and go for juicy fruits. Eat a high-fiber snack after a workout session. Fruits, nuts, granola bars, and juices can make you feel instantly refreshed.

Over to you…

The most important thing is to listen to your body and to drink plenty of water. Whenever you feel overworked, stop exercising. Don’t be afraid to take a break. If you feel that you’re getting severely ill, it’s best to consult a doctor. Your health and safety should always be your top priority, so keep these things in mind.

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