6 Tips and Tricks for People Struggling With False Eyelashes

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Do you love the look of big, flirty false eyelashes but you just can’t seem to put them on? They always move around on your lid when you try to place the band down; it’s exasperating.

No worries. Nailing the art of placing false eyelashes is a skill that can easily be mastered  through a diy lash extensions guide. Putting on false eyelashes is a skill and one you will be able to pick up in no time with these tricks. Here are six tips for putting on fake eyelashes that will help you do it like a pro.

1. Let the Glue Dry

This is one of the biggest mistakes that beginners make when learning how to put on fake eyelashes with glue. They apply the glue to the lash band but don’t let it sit long enough before trying the lash on.

What happens is, the glue hasn’t had the chance to get tacky to be able to adhere to your lid. The lash band moves around and lifts after you try to place it.

Instead, let the glue set for a couple of seconds before putting the lash on. Some people will blow on it to speed up the drying process.

To know whether the glue is ready and has become tacky, look at the color of the glue. If you’re using a white-colored lash glue, you will notice that the glue turns almost translucent. A black-colored glue will turn a gray-looking color.

2. Trim the Lashes

When you take your false eyelashes out of the box and try them on (without glue), you will notice that the outer end of the lash extends past the end of your eye.

Most lash companies will sell lashes with a longer band so that you can customize the lash to fit your eye shape.

Trim your lashes to your liking and be sure to cut the inner corners as well. To save the inner corners of your eyes from getting poked at by the lash band, cut in a downward diagonal fashion (without cutting off the lashes) so that the inner end of the band nestles on the inner corner of your eye.

Some people prefer a pair of false eyelashes that fit their eyes just right. Other people prefer to leave a bit of length at the outer end to increase the dramatic look of the lash.

3. Look Down

The easiest way to put on fake eyelashes is to look down while you’re placing the lash. This gives you a better vantage point of your lid and your lash line, and it helps you to get the lash as close to your lash line as possible. You don’t have to worry about the angle at which you place the lash. You can blend the falsies with your real lashes in a later step.

Another tip for putting on fake eyelashes is to place the false eyelashes under the lash line. In this case, look up while you try to place the lash as close to the lash line as possible.

This trick is a little bit harder than placing them on top, but it gives a more natural look to your falsies as your real lashes help to conceal the band.

4. Position Then Place

While you’re waiting for the lash glue to get tacky, you can start to position the lash on your lid so you know about where the beginning of the lash should start, and where the end of the lash should sit. When it comes time, you know exactly where to place it.

Placing the lash on the lid looks different for everybody.

For beginners, try gripping the lash with your tweezers at the middle point of the lash band. Positioning the lash and placing it on your lid from the middle portion first, helps you to lay the outer sections with more ease. Because the glue is tacky, it won’t move unless you pick it up to reposition and re-place it.

As you grow more comfortable with putting on fake eyelashes, you will develop your own placing preference, such as laying the inner corner down first.

5. Cut Into Sections

Another tip for putting on false eyelashes for beginners is to cut the lash band into sections (such as in thirds or fourths). Getting all parts of the lash band to adhere to your lid before the glue dries can be intimidating for beginners. With sections, you can take your time and do it one by one.

Doing so can also help you to better follow the shape of your eye instead of having to shape a stiff lash band against your eye shape. You can also choose not to use all of the lash sections if you are going for a more low-key look.

If you would still like to try your hand at placing the whole lash band down at once and you find that the band is too stiff, wrap the lash around a pencil or a pen. This makes the band more flexible.

6. Use a Lash Curler

Remember when we said earlier, don’t worry about which angle you place your false eyelashes? It doesn’t matter whether you go at it from straight on, a downwards angle, or even an upwards one–as long as you get the lash band as close to your lash line as possible.

This last step will help you to blend your false eyelashes with your real ones so that no one can even tell the difference! The magic tool is your lash curler.

Give your lashes and your false eyelashes a nice pump with your lash curler so that the lashes become one. It can be a little difficult to do so if your false eyelashes are big and dramatic but wiggle your lash curler around until you get the lashes in between.

Alternatively, if you want less of a curl in your lashes, flip the lash curler upside down and give it a few pumps–be gentle! You don’t want to put a dent in the lashes.

Use These Tips for Putting on Fake Eyelashes

Voila! You’ve put on your favorite pair of fake eyelashes!

Now, it takes a lot of trial and error to get the drill down, but don’t give up! Keep practicing. Hopefully, you’ve found these tips for putting on fake eyelashes helpful. Let us know if you love any of these tips and if you have any of your own.

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