6 Top Features of a Great Web Design

6 Top Features of a Great Web Design

When you’re looking for web design in San Diego, It’s important to know how to gauge whether or not the agency you hire can build a site that will benefit your business. That’s a question you should often ask yourself so that your effort, time, and money don’t go to waste. Fortunately, this article is an eye-opener that makes your task easy. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at six features that make web design great.

  1. Page Speed

Some web designers use scripts to make your websites look great. This can provide excellent results on the front end. Unfortunately, the website owner ends up paying the ultimate price with a low-performing website. Scripts can affect the speed of your site adversely, and that’s something Google frowns upon. User experience is one of the newest editions to Google’s ranking algorithm. Therefore, ensure that the web design of your web pages doesn’t affect the page’s speed.

With the majority of searches happening on mobile devices now, a slow site can seem even slower to the average mobile user who is used to other sites that have been optimized for page speed. You may lose a potential customer to a competitor for this one factor alone. After all, no one will wait forever for your website to open. Many visitors will abandon your site as soon as they realize that it takes a long time to load, then look for other websites in the search results that do the same thing. Consequently, your visitors will never get to see the web design, thus not appreciating its greatness. Therefore a great-looking design from also needs to load fast to be appreciated and valued.

  1. Call-to-Action Buttons

Call to action, often referred to as CTA, is responsible for most conversions on various sites. That’s why your web design also needs to have CTA buttons. Ensure that the buttons’ design makes it impossible for any visitor who visits your site to notice the call to action apart from the rest of the site. A call to action button should stand out and tell the customer what you want them to do next.

Remember that website users can only act on the buttons upon seeing them. Whereas noticing the CTA buttons is crucial, they should also convince the audience to go to the next step. Besides being noticeable and prompting your customers to proceed to the next stage of the customer journey, the calls to action clearly give potential customers direction and aid them in making decisions. A great web design will incorporate CTA’s in the perfect place on the page where the customer should be making a decision.

  1. Visual Elements

As much as great content is good for SEO, great visuals catch the attention of your visitors more efficiently. They also encourage visitors to engage with your website, which is good for the business. Statistics show that the rate at which people interact with videos is ten times higher than the interaction with the text. A great design will break up the text copy with engaging images and eye candy, thus reducing the monotony of long-form copy.

  1. Consistency

The web design of your site, including the typography, format, and color, should be consistent on every page on the website. That’s a feature that has proven to increase the time your audience interacts with it. Additionally, it also boosts your brand recognition.

  1. Responsive Design

There are various types of devices that people use to access your site. They have different screen sizes, and that’s something your web design needs to consider. Your designer will program the site to fit perfectly on all devices regardless of resolution if your website is designed correctly. Hence, your site appears perfectly and consistently no matter what device the visitor uses to view the site.

  1. Easy Navigation

Web design that focuses on making the navigation easy boosts user experience. Your visitors get to find information, products, or services with ease and within no time. Hence, visitors stay on the site for long enough to convert. Easy navigation also increases the chances of a customer returning to your site to buy again if they have enjoyed the experience.


These six features of a great web design will ensure your website performs well. The right agency will also ensure the user experience on your website will be great, thus boosting engagement and conversion.

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