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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Get Well Soon Flowers

Get well card with colorful roses

Giving get well soon flowers to a friend or loved one is a kind, touching gesture that shows the recipient you care.

However, this gesture can easily become inconvenient if you do not consider the type of flowers you put in the bouquet. There are many types of flowers online, but some can be difficult to maintain, do not last long, or trigger allergies.

Read on for some tips on choosing the best get well soon flowers that will look beautiful and cheer up your loved one.

  1. Choose a Low-Maintenance Bouquet

While you may be tempted to get the biggest bouquet possible, that may not necessarily be the best option.

Instead of going as big as possible, you may want to consider going for a smaller bouquet that is easier to manage. You can also choose get well soon flowers that have a woody stem, as those do not need to have their water changed or refilled as often.

  1. Long-Lasting

When choosing a bouquet, you should keep in mind how long the flowers will last before wilting.

If possible, you should aim to get flowers that will last the duration of their illness or injury. Carnations are a good option for this, as they tend to be fairly long-lasting.

  1. Use a Durable Vase

Flowers that already have a vase are more convenient, which is especially important to consider if the recipient is in the hospital.

That being said, if the recipient is in the hospital, be sure the vase is durable. This makes the vase less likely to be a hazard and cause injury.

  1. Appearance and Flower Type

A well-arranged bouquet made up of bright and happy flowers, like Gerberas, generally make for a good get well soon gift.

However, for a special touch, consider buying flowers with a meaning associated with them. This would include:

  • Carnations and red roses, which represent love
  • Sunflowers and chrysanthemums, which represent longevity
  • Hydrangeas and pansies, which represent heartfelt emotion and thought
  • Peonies, which represent good health and healing

If you are unsure what type of flowers to choose, florists will hand-pick the flowers to make a beautiful collection for the get well soon bouquet.

  1. Allergy-free

If the recipient has a flower allergy, or if there is the potential for someone with an allergy to be nearby, you should make sure the bouquet consists of low-allergy flowers and plants.

Carnations are a good option if you are looking for an allergy-free flower, especially since they are long-lasting and symbolically represent love.

  1. Fragrance

Consider if the recipient would prefer fragrant or fragrance-free flowers.

If the recipient would prefer the bouquet to have a scent, lilies or roses may be a good option.

For a fragrance-free flower, tulips are generally a safe bet. Plus, they are easy to maintain.

  1. Hospital Restrictions

Before choosing and delivering a bouquet, double-check to make sure the hospital does not have any rules or regulations regarding flowers.

If the recipient is in ICU, for instance, flowers will not be allowed.

Picking Get Well Soon Flowers

Sending get well soon flowers should bring the recipient joy, not an inconvenience.

To show your friend or loved one support while they are recovering, be sure to pick get well soon flowers that are easy to maintain, last a long time, and are unlikely to cause the recipient problems later on.

If you found these tips helpful, be sure to check out some of our other articles as well.

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