8 Applications to Boost Your Memory (Perfect for Students)

One of the great things about modern technology is that it can help people with their everyday struggles. Not only can it do a lot of tasks but also assist in developing and boosting cognitive functions. So if you want to strengthen your memory, there are fun apps that can do just that.

Memory is important for every person, but especially for students. They deal with a lot of stress in college, which can lead to a lack of focus and worsen memory. As a result, one can forget about important dates or even term paper deadlines. It is understandable as students have to keep so much in their focus, starting from essays, classes, and up to the part-time job.

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And to not forget anything important again, you can train your memory with one of these amazing apps.


This is a great application for different cognitive functions – memory, mental flexibility, speed of reaction, and even problem-solving. It has both premium and free versions and is available for Android and Apple devices. You can do daily challenges like various games that help you to improve. The games are designed by scientists and they are also aesthetically pleasing.

There are more than 50 different activities. At the beginning, you also take a test to determine your base level and track improvement along the way. There is also a personalized tracking system and a daily set of games chosen for you and your goals.


The next brain training app is Peak, which was developed in collaboration with Cambridge and NYU. It helps to boost not only memory but also problem solving, speed, math (mathswatch), mental agility, creativity, coordination, and critical thinking. It also uses games and puzzles that are incredibly fun, so it doesn’t feel like training at all.

You can also learn what your brain is good at and what areas need to be trained more. It is easy to track progress and the app works even offline. There are both pro and free versions. With a Pro one, you get personalized workouts based on your performance and goals.


Want to focus specifically on remembering important things like dates and passwords? Then Eidetic is what you need. It is a memory training app based on spaced repetition learning. The idea is to pace and repeat the exercise so that the brain has time to process it correctly.

Spaced repetition is the best way to remember things for a long time. And the best part is that the software allows recalling phone numbers, bank account details, passwords, important information, or interesting facts. Whatever that you need to memorize. It is available for free for Android and Apple devices, but it contains ads.



Elevate is one of the most popular brain training tools out there. It is also based on games and puzzles developed to endorse memory, attention, and processing speed. It has 7 days free trial, a free version, and a premium subscription that gives access to advanced features.

The tool has more than 40 various games and a tracking feature to see your progress. You can get personalized daily workouts and adaptive difficulty levels. It means that you won’t get bored when your memory improves.


Those who want an even higher level of customization in their mental workouts will enjoy this tool. It helps to endorse 23 cognitive functions with the games and activities developed in collaboration with neuroscientists. The main benefits of CogniFit are:

  • A trademarked individualized training system that analyses your cognitive health and adjusts the program to your needs;
  • Personalized programs;
  • Video coaching to guide you through the workouts;
  • Games both for kids and adults;
  • Opportunity to compare your score with other users.

The only downside is that the training courses are available through a paid subscription. But the results are great so one might consider investing.

Memory Trainer

This app has fewer features than previous ones, but it is available for free. The main goal is to train your ability to memorize and recall through entertaining workouts. The exercises include pattern recalling, picture and numbers memorization, and different puzzles.

Overall it is pretty simple, yet effective. It can also be a good starting point for the whole cognitive endorsement routine.

Clockwork Brain

This app also uses gamification for endorsing memory, attention, and reasoning. It has a unique design, fun challenges, and adaptive difficulty.

There are many interesting games to choose from and a daily personalized workout. Gamification comes not only in tracking progress but collecting tokens to access upgrades and special modes. Another great feature is weekly and monthly performance graphs with in-depth stats.

If you are interested in sharpening your language skills, there are also exercises for that, namely for Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Russian.


NeroNation is another amazing tool for boosting memory, focus, attention, and logical thinking. There are 32 exercises and personalized courses. Users also can track their performance and see an estimation of their strong and weak points. You can compare your performance to your age group average to see how well you do. And there are daily workouts, too.

One can use it for free, but there is a premium version with some advanced features.

In Summary

It is hard to underestimate the importance of memory in everyday life. And for students, it can be a crucial factor as well as other cognitive functions. Mobile apps can be a great help in this regard. They offer entertaining challenges as well as insight into performance. And it doesn’t take much time to do daily workouts and see results in a couple of weeks.

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