8 Ways to Enhance Your Office Exterior

8 Ways to Enhance Your Office Exterior

Do you know the design of the office can impact your brand value? Well, yes it does!

An excellent outdoor design can actually boost your employee’s productivity level and it also creates a pleasant feeling among outsiders.

Simple arrangements like changing the lights can switch the whole vibe of the office exterior. So, if you’re willing to give your office exterior a makeover, here are some tips you can begin with.

  1. Commercial Lighting

Lights can change the complete ambience of the office environment. Commercial outdoor lighting is most sought after for the exterior design of the office, especially the outdoor LED lights. They are long-lasting and far better than residential lighting.

Furthermore, they have auto sensors that switch on the lights in the presence of human beings. This feature will help you to save the electricity bill on a lot of occasions.

  1. Colors

Science says colors can affect our moods. Love, happiness, passion, and anger are triggered by colors like red, yellow, and orange. Feelings of calmness and sadness are provoked by the blue, green, and purple colors.

Blue, beige greens and yellow-greens are best for the office exterior as it stimulates the brain and creates a sense of happiness in the mind of the viewer.

  1. Outdoor working space

This is a very effective modern concept. You can help your employees to work in outdoor spaces. In this arrangement, your workers will not feel complete burnout as they will be more close to mother nature. Further, they can also use this place for their leisure time.

If you are concerned about the budget, there are companies that provide patio furniture for rent. But before making any decision make sure to do in-depth research.

  1. Clear windows

Windows are important in office design. Watching a computer screen for long hours can lead to sleep deprivation, eye strain, obesity, and other chronic health issues. That is why it is important to take a screen break.

During this break time, staff can look through the windows. But if it is not clean enough to see the outside view then it is of no use. Make sure that the windows are crystal clear as it is crucial for your employees and your brand.

  1. Outdoor plants

Plants have a calming effect on the mind. They emanate a good vibe and also attract people towards them. Not to forget they help to clean the air of the surroundings.

Outdoor plants will not only uplift your office image but will also deliver a pollution-free atmosphere. You can consider plants like jade, palms, lemongrass, weeping fig, etc.

  1. Water

While decorating your office exterior, you must consider a place for water. The sound of water activates the nervous system and reduces stress. Water structures like fountains, birdbaths, waterfalls, and small ponds draw the attention of passers-by.

This depicts the welcoming nature of the office and increases brand value.

  1. 7. Outside seating

Outdoor seating is a great way of elevating the outside decoration of the office. Your employees can take a relaxing break there and watch the sunset. It will also benefit you to create brand awareness for people at large as passers-by can relax there for a while.

  1. 8. Doors

Like Windows, doors also play an important role in office exterior design. Choosing the right door for your office can be overwhelming. You need to keep in mind some points to purchase the perfect door.

It should be strong and durable. Make sure to research the materials and longevity before buying. If you have a high budget you can go for an automatic secure glass door. It looks professional and also takes care of your office security.

Over to you…

These suggestions will help you create an office exterior that is not just visually appealing but also creates a strong brand value. You can also add collaborative spaces like fish tanks, functional landscapes, xeriscaping, etc.

But in the end, remember that everything depends on your budget. If you have a high budget, you can add many features. But with a tight budget, you can consider designs that speak for your brand. Don’t forget to add employee-friendly decors, as they are your assets.

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