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Best Coworking Spaces in the World

Best Coworking Spaces in the World

Coworking spaces are preferred by many freelancers and entrepreneurs who need a space to handle their work. Some companies also choose to work in these top coworking spaces because of fewer expenses compared to a traditional office. Today, there are more than 18,000 coworking spaces worldwide.

These spaces also provide workers flexibility, and they have the opportunity to meet new people every time they visit there. Internet in such best coworking spaces is usually at high-speed. In addition, the facilities and the treats are usually satisfying enough.

How To Benefit Best From a Coworking Space

As noted above, there are many incentives for working in a coworking space. Let’s explore them one by one:

  • Network opportunities: You can meet different people from different sectors or companies that may help grow your business. Furthermore, you may even start collaborating with them and create new businesses. Such spaces also organize events for networking. Also, you may even learn new skills from the people you’ve just met there
  • Flexibility: Working in a coworking space allows you flexibility thanks to its flexible contracts. It’s also possible to cancel your contract when you want to change your workplace
  • Affordability: The fees are usually quite suitable and affordable when you want to work in the best coworking spaces. Doing away with the burden of opening an office, you save money and effort when you use a coworking space

What To Look For When You Choose a Coworking Space

Criteria such as location, amenities, and fees are important when you decide on the best coworking spaces.

Let’s start with location. It’s useful to consider the proximity of the working space to your home. Or, you may want to drop by a restaurant or a cafe to give a break from your work. Again, the distance between these places will be important for you. If you’re driving, you’ll also need to consider a suitable area for parking service.

Another important criterium is flexibility. You may want to check the available days and hours of the related working space. Checking the seating arrangement will also be convenient to see if you can make changes whenever you want.

Checking the fees and the amenities included is another important step. It’s best to check what is included in the package. If they’re not useful for you, you may want to check other spaces. In addition, be aware of the additional costs that are not mentioned in the contract.

It’s also important to check if the place covers all the devices you need for your work. Plus, high-speed internet will be of your benefit. Some places include meeting rooms as well. Check if the place you’ll subscribe to has these amenities if it’s a must for you.

Top Coworking Spaces In The World

Now that the details about the top coworking spaces in the world are covered, it’s time to look at a few examples below.

Note that you can find these shared working spaces in big cities around the world:

  • Impact Hub: Impact Hub is a well-known coworking space actively used in over 100 locations. It also provides some events and programs for entrepreneurs to create new innovations
  • WeWork: WeWork offers both public and private workspaces, and it provides working spaces throughout the world
  • Spaces: It’s one of the best coworking spaces in the world, providing service in more than 400 locations worldwide. It’s mainly a space for entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. Virtual office service is also provided by Spaces
  • Factory: Factory gathers digital nomads from around the world. It has even hosted Uber among other successful companies
  • Duke Studios: If you’re in the UK, you may want to visit this coworking environment. Unlike the ones above, this one offers a more traditional office environment
  • Crew Collective Café: This one is located in Montreal, Canada. It’s open seven days a week. The design of this space is more like a café, making you feel comfortable.

Here is the end of the list of the best coworking spaces in the world. Feel free to give them a chance if you’re near one of these places in your city. You won’t regret it!

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