Camp Trailer Stabilizer Legs Hints and Tips

Keeping your camp trailer in perfect shape for your next adventure is important. Ensure that all leaks and damages are fixed and shouldn’t leave the maintenance under the trailer as it is crucial for its locomotion. This article will focus on how the stabiliser legs of your caravan can properly be taken care of so that it can serve you for as long as possible.

What is a camp trailer stabilizer leg?

What does t a stabiliser leg do to a caravan? Some people are misinformed on the essence of stabiliser legs as they think it’s for holding heavy loads in the caravan. The stabiliser leg’s work is to maintain balance and ensure the camp trailer doesn’t tilt to one side. Everything in the trailer will be intact.

Setting up a camper stabiliser leg

The caravan trailer stabiliser leg setting is easy to get around, but the main point is that a lot of people are not doing it the right way. This section of the article will address how best to set up the stabiliser legs.

There are four ways of setting up the stabiliser legs suspension system.

  • Horizontal set up- this type of setting of the stabiliser legs is parallel to the round.
  • Latitude setup- the latitude setup is set from the right side of the camper trailer to the left side of the camper trailer.
  • Vertical setup- this manner of setup is done from up to down
  • Longitude setup- in this set-up, the stabiliser is used from the vehicle conveying the caravan to the back of the caravan.

Some useful tips will be important to you when setting your stabiliser legs in setting up the camp trailer.

The base of the stabiliser legs should be on a block of wood or block that is solid enough to bear its weight. This is important because it needs a solid foundation to maintain balance.

Be careful when camping on slopy ground; you need to ensure that the camp trailer maintains enough balance to stand firmly and straight on the ground.

Wind, as well as the movement going on in the camper trailer, should be monitored closely. You have to be conscious of elements that can tamper with the stability of the caravan. This is where the stabiliser legs come in to avoid an unfortunate occurrence.

The suspension system to be deployed must be done appropriately to avoid any unfortunate incident.

How to maintain camper trailer stabiliser legs

  • Proper maintenance of these stabiliser legs will ensure effective function so that the stabilisers can stand the test of time.
  • It is unnecessary to grease or lubricate all the parts of the stabiliser legs, especially the non-machine parts. Parts that need greasing are parts like the housing joints, bearing journals, and parts that have a low tolerance.
  • When greasing, too much should not be applied as it can cause dirt and grime around the campsite.
  • The corner steadies, and the drop legs do not require greasing as the nipples attached to them are no grease nipples.
  • Ensure that the surface to place your stabiliser legs are free of dirt or mud. Over time, if it is a muddy area, it might sink and wreak havoc on the caravan’s legs and inhabitants.

The function of the stabiliser legs is not to carry load or a heavyweight. They are primarily there to maintain balance so that the caravan can sit properly on the ground; else, they will collapse.

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