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5 Common Commercial Roofing Mistakes

Did you know that there are now around 134,365 roofers working in the United States?

Managing the roof of your business is about more than patching up water damage or replacing shingles as needed. You need to pay attention to the most common roofing mistakes you can make.

So what are those common roofing mistakes to avoid? How can you make sure your roof is functioning at its best?

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Please keep reading for her advice on the most common commercial roofing mistakes.

1. Investing Without Research

Many people make the mistake of not doing the necessary research before investing. This can be a dangerous and costly mistake. Without research, investors tend to choose based on cost alone.

Investors often fail to consider the roofing choice’s long-term environmental and financial impacts. Businesses should conduct preliminary research on the following:

  • potential roofing materials
  • manufacturers
  • installation companies

This way, they can protect their investment, save money in the long run, and enjoy a well-made roof for years.

2. Ventilation Matters

This can cause significant issues such as rot and decay, leading to expensive repairs. It is essential that the commercial roof be well-ventilated to help keep the structure of the building and its contents safe. Improper ventilation limits air circulation, leading to premature aging, water damage, and many other issues.

Additionally, ventilation can help reduce cooling costs by allowing hot air to leave the building while at the same time introducing cool air. You can contact these roofing experts to avoid these problems and maintain the roof correctly.

3. Not Having a Proper Maintenance

Regular maintenance can be done as frequently as needed to ensure that your roof continues to function effectively. Inspections should be done annually, and significant repairs should be done when necessary. Without proper maintenance, extensive and costly problems can form in a concise amount of time and result in expensive repairs or replacements.

Ignoring the maintenance of a commercial roof could also result in voiding warranties prematurely and making insurance coverage void. When repairing roof damage, inspecting and maintaining commercial roofs regularly is vital. 

4. Poor Design and Material Selection

Poorly designed structures and incorrect materials are prone to premature failure and can cost more in the long run. For example, many roofers select different roofing materials that are too thin or lack the appropriate grade of roofing material.

The poor roof design can cause water to be a pond and unsightly ice-damning in areas with cold winters. Incorrect material and design also increase heat in the building, leading to higher cooling costs and less efficient air quality. To avoid problems, contractors must understand building codes and choose appropriate materials for the specific roof structure. 

5. Discount Equals Unavoidable Costs

They think everything will go smoothly if they can get the job done for a low price. However, this is not the case. When a contractor uses cheaper materials, it usually means that the roof will need repairs sooner than usual, which can be costly in the long run.

Additionally, some contractors may try to cut corners on roofing work, leading to poor quality work and more repairs down the line.

Be Aware of Common Commercial Roofing Mistakes

Common commercial roofing mistakes can be avoided through sensible decisions, professional inspections, and adequate repair and maintenance. Don’t forget to check your insurance coverage to ensure your building and its roofing materials are protected against damage. 

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