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Common Outdoor Lighting Issues in Texas Homes

Your home’s outdoor lighting is essential for both functional and aesthetic purposes, especially regarding your security. Unfortunately, due to Texas’ extreme weather conditions and terrain, keeping your outdoor lighting in good condition can be tricky. These issues can range from minor annoyances to costly repairs. Below are some of the most common outdoor lighting issues in Texas homes:

#1. Rust

One of the most common problems for outdoor lighting in Texas is rust. Rust can cause the lights to become discolored and corroded, which affects not only their appearance but also their functionality. Rust can be caused by rain, humidity, and other environmental factors. If you notice rust on your outdoor lights, it is crucial to have them serviced or replaced as soon as possible.

How to fix it:

You can reduce the risk of rust by ensuring that your outdoor lights are correctly installed and away from high-humidity areas. Examples of these include under eaves or gutters or near trees that drip water. To avoid rust on your existing fixtures, you can use rust-inhibitory paint or a protective coating.

#2. Poor wiring

Another common outdoor lighting issue in Texas is poor wiring, which can cause lights to flicker, buzz, or not work. Poor wiring can be caused by wear and tear over time, incorrect installation, or faulty connections. If your outdoor lights are not working properly, it is important to have an electrician inspect the wiring and make any necessary repairs.

How to fix it:

To prevent poor wiring, ensure your outdoor lights are installed by professionals such as Blingle in Alvin, Texas. Professionals are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to ensure that your lights are correctly wired for your specific needs. Additionally, you should inspect the wiring periodically to make sure that it is still in good condition.

#3. Poor Lighting Quality

Due to Texas’ intense sun, it can be difficult to find outdoor lighting options that provide high-quality illumination. Common problems include lights being too dim or too bright or having an unnatural color tint. You must ensure that you choose the right lighting fixtures and bulbs that provide the illumination you need while still looking aesthetically pleasing.

How to choose a lighter fixture appropriate for Texas weather:

When selecting an outdoor lighting fixture, look for one made from durable materials such as powder-coated aluminum or stainless steel. Examples of lighting fixtures suitable for the Texas climate include LED lights, halogen spotlights, and solar-powered lights. Additionally, make sure that the bulb you choose has a strong output and emits a warm white light. Lastly, ensure that the lights are UL-listed and IP-rated to protect them from Texas weather conditions.

#4. Insect Infestation

Another common outdoor lighting issue in Texas is an insect infestation. Texas is home to a variety of insects and pests which can be attracted to outdoor lighting. This can cause the lights to become damaged or even cause a fire hazard! To protect your outdoor lights from pests, make sure you are using insect-proof lighting fixtures and bulbs.

How to prevent insect infestation:

To prevent insect infestations, make sure that your outdoor lighting fixtures are sealed tightly. This will help to keep out any insects or pests that may be attracted to the lights. You can also use yellow bulbs as they do not attract as many bugs. Additionally, choose insect-proof fixtures such as LED lights that are covered with a metal cage or plastic housing. Finally, clean your lights and fixtures regularly, as this will help keep unwanted pests away.

Outdoor lighting is an integral part of any Texas home, so it is essential to address any issues that arise quickly and efficiently. To ensure that your outdoor lights remain in good condition, select the right fixtures and bulbs for your needs. Following these steps will help keep your outdoor lights looking great and working properly for years to come.

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