Complete guide to adding signature to PDF

Complete guide to adding signature to PDF

You should sign some files in PDF format, but you just do not feel like printing them, signing them by hand and scanning them and then sending them back to the recipients? Don’t worry: if you are trying to figure out how to esign a pdf without having to do all the processes just mentioned, know that we are here to help you achieve your goal.

If you have a graphic tablet, a touchpad, an android or iOS tablet or in any case a clear image with a transparent background of your handwritten signature, you can sign your PDFs directly from PC, smartphone and tablet in a very simple way: just use the right tools. One of such tools is SignNow we should mention in this article.

If you want to know more, keep reading: you can find them right below. First, however, we will make some necessary premises about the legal value of the signature affixed in the manner we are about to talk about.

What is a PDF file?

Let’s start by getting acquainted with the format of the document. PDF was created by Adobe in the 1990s to achieve two things. The first is that people should be able to open documents on any hardware or operating system without requiring the use of a program like to create them – all you need is a PDF reader, and nowadays most web browsers respond.  requirements.

Second, wherever you open the PDF, the layout of the document should look the same. PDFs can contain text, images, embedded fonts, hyperlinks, videos, interactive buttons, forms, and more. This is probably one of the most popular document formats currently used in document management. Therefore, it should be noted that most of the literature and technical documentation is distributed in PDF format. The vast majority of textbooks for schools and universities are also in PDF format, which is why this format is also called student. This is largely due to the fact that Adobe has made this format free and released a free version of the utility for viewing PDF files.

What is a PDF file

How to open a PDF file?

A PDF file is a file with a .pdf extension. As with any other format, you must have the appropriate program installed to open the PDF. The simplest is any modern browser, or Adobe Acrobat.

What is the digital signature?

The digital signature is simply the computer equivalent of a handwritten signature affixed to a document of any kind and degree of importance and is subject to the following characteristics:

  • authenticity of the digital signature guarantees the identity of the person who signs it;
  • integrity or ensures that the document, after being signed, has not been tampered with or modified;
  • non-repudiation or that the digital signature gives full legal validity to the document, therefore this document cannot be denied by the subscriber.

More simply speaking, the digital signature is a tool that allows you to sign electronic documents or those documents contained in a PC, tablet or smartphone. In other words, documents that are not printed and subsequently modified, filled in and signed by hand with the pen but are the documents that are modified, filled in and signed by operating directly on the screen of your device.

What is the digital signature

In order to use the digital signature, it is necessary to purchase the appropriate kits which are also available online, activate them and use special software that allows you to validate the documents thanks to the certificates contained in the kit.

SignNow is the right tool to esign your pdf

It is the app awarded as n. 1 for and by large companies. The SignNow allows you to create custom signatures thanks to an easy-to-use interface and to affix them to PDFs. Moreover, you can work with many other types of documents quickly and easily. It allows you to edit, compile, annotate, reduce, change the font or background color as desired. SignNow is a gem of an app that has received a rating of 9.56 out of 10 worldwide! Absolutely safe and reliable, it is an indispensable tool, a MUST HAVE for those who need to always sign any document they have to send. You can download it for free but to use it you need to proceed with in-app purchases and it offers various pricing options starting from € 2.99.

SignNow is the right tool to esign your pdf

Creating a digital signature may seem like a complicated process, especially for those who are not very familiar with this technology. Fortunately, the kits on sale are extremely detailed in their explanations and activation processes. Installing the support program for the kit is very simple because you rely on the installation wizard so the only burden you will have to face will be just to click on Next and Finish following slavishly the indications that the screen of our beloved PC or our even more beloved and irreplaceable smartphone will illustrate us.

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