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How Long Does It Take To Detox From Drugs?

Did you know that an estimated 21 million people in the United States of America struggle with drug or alcohol addiction? Drug withdrawals are a terrifying prospect for anyone who has suffered from addiction for any length of time. The prospect of going through withdrawals and making it through detox treatment sounds close to impossible and much worse than staying the course.

If you’re suffering from drug addiction then it’s a great question to seek answers to if you’re worried about your detox from drugs. Having an idea of the timeline for your addiction recovery will give you realistic expectations and a greater degree of hope.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to learn all about addiction treatment and the timeline that this process works on. Keep reading to learn more about your future drug detox today!

What Is Drug Detoxification?

Many people use the terms drug detox and drug rehab interchangeably. It’s no secret that they have some crossover, but they’re notably different from each other. In fact, drug detox is the first step of going through rehab for drugs.

It’s the process of allowing the body to cleanse itself of any harmful toxins that are a result of your addiction. The drug withdrawal process is no walk in the park, but you can’t focus on making a full recovery from drug addiction until your body cleanses itself. As soon as your body makes it through detox treatment you can start to focus on overcoming your addiction.

A major reason why many people return to their drug of choice is the fact that the withdrawal symptoms are more than they can handle on their own. At best, drug withdrawal is uncomfortable. At worst it is life-threatening.

Attending addiction and detox treatment provides you with a safe environment where you can go through the stages of drug withdrawal. You will have stability and comfort in the first few weeks of addiction recovery.

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Drugs?

The process of detoxing from drugs will depend on the drugs that you’re addicted to and your level of addiction. Your drug detox could take you anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to conclude. In general, it takes one to two weeks for drug withdrawal symptoms to go away and allow you to move forward with the process.

Once you’re past the withdrawal process you can focus on other elements of your treatment plan. Once that happens, the staff at the clinic will help you understand the underlying reasons behind your drug abuse and addiction. Find full service SUD help if you’re hoping to start the process of addiction recovery sooner than later.

A big factor that will impact your recovery from addiction is your overall health. The amount of time that you’ve been addicted to substances will also play a role in how long your detox from drugs takes. Your age and gender also play a role in addiction recovery and withdrawal.

The Drug Detox Timeline

A typical drug detox is going to take longer than quitting a substance cold turkey and moving forward with your life. It only takes a matter of days for the body to detox, but the nervous system takes a lot longer. The process of understanding and healing the nervous system takes anywhere from one month to a full year in order to make a full addiction recovery.

Part of the importance of going to a rehab facility to help with your drug detox is the counseling and therapy activities that you get to participate in. You can take this time to identify how and why you get addicted to drugs in the first place and then take steps to prevent relapsing. This is your chance to set up the foundation of a sober life that will carry you far into the future.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Detox Programs

The idea of moving away from drugs and regaining your old life is exciting, but the steps that you need to take in order to get to that point can appear daunting at first glance. The most effective option that you have at your disposal is to seek a detox treatment for your body and mind.

These programs offer a number of massive benefits that could save your life. The process of flushing your system of the toxins that are in your body as a result of your drug use requires certain resources and help from medical professionals. It’s worth exploring the possibility of attending addiction treatment and recovery and enjoying these benefits.

Constant Medical Supervision

A major reason to consider going to an inpatient drug detox program is the fact that you will receive constant medical attention as you go through drug withdrawals. Odds are that you’ll, at the least, experience some level of nausea and exhaustion as your body escapes from the hold that drugs had on it.

Depending on how heavy your history of drug use is, it’s even possible that you could experience seizures as you move on with your addiction treatment. Taking steps to detox from drugs is no joke, and a failure to take it seriously could result in life-threatening health issues.

Having a drug detox program to aid you will make a massive difference. You will enjoy help from medical professionals as you move through this difficult experience. The process of getting away from drugs will be more comfortable and safe.


Another key benefit that comes with getting detox treatment is the structure that you’ll experience. An outpatient treatment plan is less likely to be successful because there is no way of ensuring that you have the structure in your daily life. You can attend your therapy sessions and revert to drug use as soon as you get to your car and drive away.

Inpatient drug detox treatment allows for a stable environment and plenty of structure in your life. You will enjoy individual sessions where therapists can help you in a one-on-one setting or a group environment. It also allows you to build friendships with others that are experiencing the same struggles as you.

Going through addiction recovery will also give you plans to prevent a relapse into drug use after you conclude your addiction treatment. The resources that you’ll receive will do wonders for your odds of a successful recovery.

Remove Your Triggers

Odds are that you have some triggers that caused your original habit of using drugs. Part of quitting is finding ways to avoid falling into old habits when the people around you are drinking or using drugs. A great benefit of attending an inpatient detox treatment program is the fact that you’re in a controlled environment.

You will enjoy the fact that you’re in a drug-free and alcohol-free facility. This removes any temptation to fall back into your old habits when you’re moving through your addiction recovery program. Your safe environment provides the right conditions for you to ease your way into a sober life again.

Going to certain places and spending time with certain people is likely to cause you to relapse if you haven’t finished your drug detox and addiction recovery. Take advantage of the stability that you have in order to regain your sobriety.

Peer Network

Arguably the biggest reason for success with detoxing from drugs in an inpatient facility is the peer network. You will be surrounded by people that are going through the same things that you are. You’ll all have the same goals of removing drugs and alcohol from your lives and moving forward in a sober and healthy manner.

You will take part in group therapy, and it’s a great environment where you will receive support from your therapist as well as your peers. This is an opportunity to build new friendships and to create bonds that prevent a relapse into drug addiction.

Therapy Options

You will have no shortage of options for therapy if you choose to detox from drugs at an inpatient facility. You will not find a perfect treatment plan that fits each situation. The professionals that are helping you with addiction recovery know this and they will tailor your recovery plan around what works best with your personality.

Expressive therapy is a great option if you’re hoping to work through the reasons behind your addiction. Psychoeducation is also important if you want to move on from using drugs and alcohol in your daily life. It’s a much better option than trying to self-medicate.

Take Steps to Detox from Drugs Today

Choosing to detox from drugs is one of the biggest and best decisions that you can make during the course of your life. It’s possible that your drug detox could end up saving your life, though you need to commit to seeing your addiction treatment through to the end. You’ll gain help from medical professionals and your peers as you choose a life that is free from the shackles of drug addiction.

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