What is a WordPress Theme Detector? Why Themesinfo WP Theme Detector Is the Best?

What is a WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress is quite popular in the world of the internet, having its presence around 43%. The statistics show the significance of the services it performs for many organizations. On a daily basis, new services are being introduced in the platform of WordPress. One of the services, WordPress theme detector has made it much more convenient for developers to present the best work at the table. 

If you want to know more about WordPress theme detector, the best recommended tool for theme detection, the following blog is made for you. 

What Is WordPress Theme Detector?

The WordPress theme detector service is an online scanning tool to analyze and find the themes or plugins used by a certain WordPress website. It’s a free tool used, accessible to everyone who wants to design their website sophisticatedly. 

How does WordPress Theme Detector Work?

Proceeding to the next step of installing the tool, you are asked to enter the URL of your desired website. The tool analyzes the website, presenting the detected plugins, themes, and content-related managed systems in the output.

Best WordPress Theme Detector Tool?

ThemesInfo WP Theme Detector Chrome Tool

ThemesInfo WP theme detector has a free Chrome extension tool used to detect the plugins or themes of a website. It is designed with easy-to-use features, accessible to everyone if they want to know the features of their desired website. 

Why ThemesInfo WP Theme Detector?

ThemesInfo has been a far recommendation of every web developer when it comes to detecting a website’s features. Here are some reasons why ThemesInfo must be a choice of every web passionate:  

  • Flexible Performance

ThemesInfo has higher speed and accuracy when it comes to performance for detecting. It provides lots of information in a short interval of time, which means that the tool has been made with the best algorithms in the domain of detection.  

  • Convenient

Downloading any tool requires the prerequisite of learning it. ThemesInfo won’t let you struggle with that since it is based on an easy user interface with a facilitated environment. With such a feature, it becomes easier for a user to detect the themes or plugins of their desired website, regardless of their web-related knowledge. 

  • Information Provider

The user expects complete information whenever they are using any tool. ThemesInfo is always there to provide you with satisfactory results with the best performance either if it is in speed or accuracy. ThemesInfo provides you with complete knowledge of the plugins or themes used by the desired website which you have entered in the URL section. 

Not only the extent of information, but ThemesInfo also provides you with the link to the theme, which you can install and use. 


Concluding the whole research on the WordPress website theme detector, ThemesInfo WP theme detector is the best choice if you want to know the information regarding any website. With already being reported much, start with the best choice which is already provided above and design the greatest. 

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