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4 Tips for Displaying Products on Your Store Shelves

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Over 30,000 new products are launched every year, which shows how important standing out on the shelves is.

Knowing how to properly display products is the key to driving sales and proving that you’re better than competitors. But, if you’re new to this aspect of selling products, it’s difficult figuring out where to start. Perhaps that’s why you’re here; you’re planning your visual display and are searching for inspiration.

Sounds like you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are four tips for displaying products.

1. Use Color to Your Advantage

Whether you’re selling a disposable vape or a set of mugs, harness the power of color. Your goal is to choose a recurring color so that it creates an unforgettable first impression.

So, if you’re selling red blouses, use these to build a wall or hang them from the ceiling. This will immediately catch the buyer’s attention and, if kept at the store’s forefront, will elevate the consumer’s shopping experience.

2. Adjust Your Lighting

An underrated element of visual merchandising is lighting. Not only will your lighting choice set the mood, but it will determine how consumers see your brand. Ideally, you’ll choose accent lights to enhance your products and ambient lighting to create a comfortable shopping environment.

3. Place Commonly Bought Products Together

If you’re stumped on store organization, place commonly bought products together.

This nifty trick entices customers to buy multiple items at once, which is great news for businesses. For instance, if you sell shoes, then strategically place socks nearby. And to increase the chances of a sale, add signs to improve your visual experience as it gives customers ideas on other products to buy.

Further, avoid empty spaces in your display; otherwise, customers won’t be visually interested. Ideally, you’ll display colorful bundles that will encourage prospects to browse and, hopefully, buy a product.

4. Change Your Display With the Seasons

Another useful tip when displaying a product is to consider the season. Although it sounds obvious, many business owners forget this and don’t stand out from their competitors. For instance, you could create a Valentine’s Day display that features products used on a date, whether it’s lingerie or if you sell foodstuffs, a box of chocolates.

But regardless of the season, get in the habit of switching up displays. You don’t want to have the same one throughout the year because customers will get bored. Instead, switch out older products and show passersby that you have exciting products to check out.

And if you’re stumped, use visual merchandising to tell a story, such as representing what your brand stands for.

Enjoy Our Tips for Displaying Products

Hopefully, you’ll try our tips for displaying products in your store.

There are many useful tricks of the trade, such as choosing the ultimate store lighting and placing commonly bought items together. Store owners should also change the display depending on the season and harness the power of color. Good luck!

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