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Getting The Lighting In Your Garden Ready: Five Tips

Getting The Lighting In Your Garden Ready

Most homeowners forget that their garden is a big part of their home that they can greatly customize. When your guests get bored with your indoors, you can use your garden as a place to entertain your guests. But, for that, you need to choose the perfect outdoor lighting that accentuates the good portions of your outdoor.

It is not only about choosing the right lights but also setting an ambiance. Sounds confusing? Worry not. We have put together five tips that will make your Garden Furniture ready for every occasion.

1. Use all three types of lighting

When it comes to adding lights to your outdoors, use a mix of three major forms of lights. The ambient, task and accent light together make the landscape look more beautiful. You can use pendant lights to get ambient lighting.

The selection of task lights depends on your requirement. Some might need security lights and plant lights. And some may only require path lights. Getting the accent light right is a bit tricky. You should choose between spotlights, string lights, and other small lights that light up a specific area.

2. Calculate the number of lights needed

After you determine what kinds of light you need, calculate the number. It can be confusing at first to find the exact number. So, take a look from a distance to get a better mental image. Using this number, you can now arrive at a budget for your outdoor lighting. Most online stores specify the lumens you will get from the bulb. Using that, you can imagine how your lights will look after installation.

3. Choose the fixtures carefully

Your garden area will be prone to all the weather conditions nature has to offer. So, choose the weather-resistant fixtures. If you cannot get those kinds, you can always place the light safely under a shade. When going for string lights, make sure there are no exposed wires. Rely only on experts to install them. They carefully handle the wires so that it doesn’t cause any harm to the residents.

4. Prioritize security

Do not only go for garden lights for aesthetic purposes. Keeping your garden well-lit can help you in security aspects as well. Make sure the entry points in your garden have enough light to see the pathways. Search for blind spots around your house. Find the dark areas and fit powerful outdoor lighting to illuminate the area.

5. Pick soft glowing lights for dining

If you are planning to have an outdoor dinner in your garden, never opt for bright lights. It will attract insects and other pests. So, always go for soft glowing lights that light the dinner table up without hurting your eyes.

To conclude

With several modern options such as pendant lights and automatic pathway lights, it can be confusing to pick the perfect combination. So, our expert tip is to match the indoor theme with the outdoor. Make the garden an extension of your home by selecting the same color lights as the indoors.

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