Hiring a lawyer might seem like a remote possibility to some, but the truth is most people engage some form of legal counsel in their lives. In Australia, lawyers have two primary categories – solicitors and barristers. Solicitors are usually the lawyers directly in contact with the client, and most of their work occurs outside courtrooms. For example, drawing wills, documents, etc. There are roughly 66,211 solicitors in Australia. A barrister is a lawyer who argues a court case. Most people meet a barrister through a solicitor when their case needs to go to court. But there are subdivisions within solicitors, depending on the kind of case they have to represent. For example, people wanting to draw up wills should contact estate lawyers in Melbourne, NSW or other parts of Australia.


Court cases can broadly be classified as criminal or civil cases depending on the severity of the crime. People can also hire solicitors for legal reasons that don’t require settlement from another party or require judicial intervention. For example, registering a commercial digital forensic analyst.

Corporate or Business Solicitor

Most corporations and large organisations have a team or individual corporate lawyer. These legal counsels are in-house, and they may only serve the particular corporation. Corporate solicitors help businesses stay within legal bounds, maintain government standards, settle intra-corporate disputes, etc. This legal team offers complete legal support for a business.

Estate Lawyers

Estate lawyers in Sydney, or any part of Australia mainly help develop wills and testaments, or when the case requires it act as a Sydney will dispute lawyer. They offer legal counsel for all cases and scenarios involving an individual or organisation’s property and assets. They also help their clients in tax-related cases or in transferring ownership of assets.

Solicitors for Personal Injury

Personal injury cases involve suits like defamation, medical malpractice, suing, and other scenarios where their client faces direct physical, mental or virtual harm. They also help resolve customer conflicts where a particular product or service caused bodily harm or turned out to be fraudulent. They help people recover their monetary or physical loss in some manner.

Family Solicitors

Family solicitors are some of the busiest legal counsels dealing with all legal problems relating to a family unit. Divorce, adoption, alimony and other familial monetary settlements are some of the few services a family lawyer offers. Every legal problem that falls within the boundaries of family law requires legal counsel from a family solicitor.

Real Estate Lawyers

The concept of real estate lawyers might seem similar to that of an estate lawyer, but there are several differences. A real estate lawyer or solicitor deals primarily with cases related to real estate transactions. For example, a real estate lawyer could help individuals facing problems for a squatter on their land. They can also help in real estate fraud cases, ensuring their clients get adequate compensation.

Employment Solicitors

Employment lawyers deal with cases solely related to employment and employee-employer conflicts. Not to be confused with business lawyers, these lawyers tend to cases that involve employees or the employment of a person. For example, an employee suing their employer will require an employment lawyer, while the employer or business themself will engage their in-house legal counsel.


Barristers argue court cases that blatantly go against the country’s legal system and constitution—for example, theft, homicide, and white-collar crimes.

Lawyers are a permanent need all over the globe for the legal services they provide. The average Australian solicitor is between 25 to 35 years of age, reflecting the popularity of the career. Almost everyone requires a family lawyer, or a personal injury lawyer or estate lawyers in Melbourne and other parts of Australia daily.

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