How Does Meeting Room Booking Solution Remove Challenges?

If your company is your child, your meeting rooms are the nourishment centers for its growth. It is where you and your teammates brainstorm ideas, discuss key objectives, create action plans and whatnot. Sadly, these centers are left to eat dust most of the time. Especially as remote and hybrid work becomes an everyday reality. 

Sounds like a problem you’re facing? Then a meeting room booking solution can come to your rescue. How? Well, a meeting room booking solution can streamline the process of reserving and canceling the room for meeting use. 

But that is not all. Here are more challenges you can overcome with a meeting room booking solution. 

  • A Meeting Room Booking Solution Helps Manage Underused Meeting Rooms

On a regular 7 to 8-hour workday, a meeting room typically goes unoccupied for over 5 hours or 60% of the office time. That translates to wasted resources, including space and utilities. 

Besides, as offices transition to a hybrid workplace setup, meeting rooms are bound to go unused for longer periods, given the lower office footfall. Thankfully, a meeting room booking solution can help you manage meeting rooms well in the face of all these changes.

Most meeting room booking solutions come with sensors to help you track room usage trends, room booking timings, and more.  This, in turn, can help you manage your meeting rooms better. For instance, if you find that your meeting rooms go unused frequently and your employees need quiet zones to work effectively, you can divide your meeting room into smaller working areas instead.

  • A Meeting Room Booking Solution Manages Multiple Room Bookings

If your office has one meeting room, you have probably witnessed multiple room bookings for the same slot at least once. While the frustration of not getting a meeting room is one thing, employees also expect quick communication from managers so that they can reschedule their meetings quickly. And if you are using a manual meeting room booking method, you know communication in such times can get stressful quickly. But a meeting room booking solution helps you avoid this altogether.

A meeting room booking solution helps employees book meeting rooms quickly through a centralized online booking system. Your employees can access the solution to check the meeting room booking status in real-time. So if a meeting room is booked already, another employee cannot reserve the same room. This solves the double booking problem and makes the meeting room booking experience more convenient.

  • A Meeting Room Booking Solution Reduces the Number of Ghost Bookings

The only thing worse than multiple room bookings is a ghost booking or a no-show. This typically occurs when employees forget to cancel their room bookings if the meeting gets canceled. Or the employees delay cancellation because of the long manual cancellation process. Either way, the room stays booked and other employees cannot reserve the room for the same time.

When your office employs a meeting room booking solution, employees don’t need to cancel meeting bookings manually. Why? Because managers can set up auto-timeout on meeting room bookings. 

This way, if a meeting doesn’t go through, the booking is canceled after a set time limit. Now, the meeting room booking system updates the room status instantly and allows new bookings for the time slot.

  • A Meeting Room Booking Solution Makes Locating a Meeting Room Easier

Employees spend more time searching for a specific meeting room than you think. The effect? Meeting room delays, frequent room booking extensions, employee frustration, and a loss of productivity company-wide. 

An easy way to solve all these problems is to make locating a meeting room easier. And a meeting room booking solution helps you do just that.

Most meeting room booking solutions come with detailed floor plans to make locating meeting rooms easier. Some even come with an instant alert feature to inform employees if a meeting is extended, thus saving valuable time.

  • A Meeting Room Booking Solution Makes Following COVID Safety Protocols

Companies need to be extra careful while calling employees back into the office, and they need to make employee health their top priority. So managers must ensure proper sanitization protocols are in place and physical distancing norms are followed in all places, including meeting rooms. A conference room scheduling software makes enforcing these protocols a lot simpler. 

A meeting room booking solution helps managers coordinate the booking of various facilities through a centralized app. For instance, as soon as an employee books a meeting room, the software sends a notification to the sanitization staff with the booking details. This helps them coordinate the room sanitization accordingly. The same process will apply to all other services too.

Moreover, a meeting room booking software also helps measure room occupancy in real-time. This helps managers regulate overcrowding of the meeting rooms, thereby helping prevent the virus spread. 

Managers can also set up booking software to allow room bookings depending on the number of employees attending. This way, smaller meeting rooms will only be available for a smaller number of attendees and vice versa.

Over to You

A meeting room booking solution can help you solve your company’s most pressing meeting room issues like overbookings, ghost bookings, and more with simple-to-use software. 

With these issues taken care of, employees can enjoy more productive meetings without stressing about the availability of the room or associated facilities. 

Managers, on the other hand, can benefit from additional free time, given a meeting room booking solution can take over routine tasks like keeping track of bookings and cancellations, notifying employees, and more. And this is a situation where everyone gets to win. 

WorkInSync is a leading meeting room booking management provider. You can opt for a demo to learn more about the features. 

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