How often you should bathe a Persian Cat

How often you should bathe a Persian Cat

Persian cats even though intelligent might need some upkeeping in order to keep them in a tip-top condition. While there are some of the lucky owners whose Persian cats can keep themselves in a tip-top condition by grooming regularly, but there are other cat owners who would need to keep a track of their cats’ health and grooming needs. For all those owners out there if you have worried how often you should bathe a Persian cat then here is your guide to never let down on those grooming techniques.

Is bathing important for a cat?

Cats no matter which breed they belong to are always hesitant when it comes to taking a bath! However, owners of especially Persian cats would need to know that bathing your cat regularly will provide a lot of benefits. Looking for a Persian cat in Delhi then now you can find a sale on Mummy Cat and avail yourself a punch face Persian cat in Delhi at the greatest of prices!

If you have a kitten then starting taking bath regularly right from childhood will be important however if you have a rescued cat or an orphan then there are chances that it might become a bit complicated. But it will get a lot easier as time goes by.

Here are a few tips for addressing your flea problem quickly and safely and how to get rid of fleas on cats.

How often should a Persian cat be taken for a bath?

If you have always kept your Persian cat indoors then you can bathe them once every 4 weeks and this again depends on a lot of other factors. Like if they stay indoors but they run around your garden or yard then you might want to bathe them once every 2 weeks. Keeping them engaged during bathing time is highly essential or else they might show a bad behavior and might make a fuss to get out of the bathtub.

If you have  Persian cats who go out everyday then bathing them thrice every week will be enough to keep them clean. Keeping your cat’s favorite duck plushie or other toys while bathing will also help greatly. If you are looking to buy flea collar for cats go directly to Dewel Pro.

Drying of a Persian cat’s hair:

The task of drying your Persian cat’s hair is also a heavy task but all you need to do is tie them in a towel right after the shower is over. Pet hair dryers can also work wonders in drying the hair of a Persian cat within a small time if you are in a hurry.

Right after drying make sure, you brush through the hair to avoid excess knot formation in the hair. Must check out the guide on how to keep cats from pooping in my yard.

What are the benefits of taking your Persian cat to bath regularly?

Not only does bathing Persian cats regularly provide a lot of benefits but it also helps reduce the time required in grooming your cat. Here is a list of benefits you get when you regularly bathe your Persian cat.

  1. Shedding decreases drastically:

Cat hair shedding is inevitable and especial when it comes to the luxurious mane of Persian cats it is next to impossible if you have a new Persian cat in your household. However, this shedding can be reduced drastically by taking a bath regularly as it washes off the dead hair away. Along with taking bath using a tool called Furminator to assist you will help reduce the hair by a great amount.

  1. Makes grooming easier:

It is hard not only for you but also for your cats with all the knots in the hair, it takes a lot of pain and struggles to undo them. The thick fur is also prone to tangle easily if not brushed and taken care of daily. Shaving off hair each time you cannot undo the hair knots also seems a bit hard and hence taking a bath regularly can help you reduce both the time and energy needed in grooming your cat. This again ensures your cat’s hair and skin condition stays at their best level!

  1. Shiny coat and clean skin:

Having a coat filled with dirt and dust all over would seem really bad especially when you have a white Persian cat or a tabby colored Persian cat. Taking a bath regularly and brushing the hair will give a beautiful shine and will also keep it healthy for a long time.

  1. Bacteria and insect control:

One of the main advantages of bathing your Persian cat regularly will be insect and bacteria attack control. Most of the Persian cats having genetically acquired diseases are prone to a lot of other problems if not taken care of regularly.

  1. Clean air:

Those people who have cats allergies might feel a bit more comfortable if their Persian cat take bath regularly. The use of air purifiers will also help fight this problem along with regular baths.

Final words:

While bathing a cat is a difficult task it is definitely not impossible. After all, it is the love of the owners and the will to keep them safe and clean that keeps your cats shining and bright! Planning on getting a Persian cat for sale then all you need to do is check out Mummy Cat and buy one for yourself now!

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