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How To Avoid Losing Potential Customers with Video?

Video has developed into a potent marketing instrument for companies of all sizes in today’s digital world. 

86% of companies use video as a marketing tool, and 99% of those who do so are highly satisfied with the results. Making a video is only the beginning of the procedure, though. 

Ensuring the video is seen and watched by the target audience is essential. Any company that loses potential customers due to shoddy video marketing may pay dearly for the error. 

In this piece, we’ll discuss how to use video and how an Explainer video production company can help you keep potential customers from leaving. We’ll also look at some stats that show how crucial video marketing is.

  1. Know Your Audience

It’s crucial to determine the intended audience before producing a video. A video made with the audience’s tastes and interests in mind is highly appealing. 

For example, 54% of consumers said in a HubSpot poll that they prefer to watch videos from their favorite companies.

In addition, 64% of consumers say that viewing branded social media content increases their likelihood of making a purchase. Therefore, knowing your audience and making your video according to their tastes can boost interest and increase sales.

  1. Keep it Short and Engaging

Videos that are too long risk alienating viewers because attention spans are growing shorter. The average video length has decreased by 33% between 2017 and 2021, according to Wistia’s study. 

As a result, videos that are under two minutes in duration and under 60 seconds in length typically perform the best.

The first few seconds of the video should catch the audience’s focus. The video should have an attention-grabbing introduction and engaging material throughout. Adding images, animations, and audio helps maintain audience interest. 

The best way to keep your video short while delivering engaging and interesting content is by using whiteboard videos. Whiteboard videos have a knack for grabbing the audience’s attention and conveying complex messages in less time. 

  1. Optimize Video for Search Engines

An important component of video marketing is video SEO. The visibility and audience of the movie can be increased by optimizing it for search engines. 

83% of marketers agree, according to Brightcove’s Video Marketing Strategy Survey, that video material improves website traffic. Videos can also lengthen visitors’ stays on the website, which could boost its search engine rating.

You can enhance Video SEO by optimizing the video’s title, summary, tags, and transcript. In addition, relevant phrase inclusion can raise the video’s position in search results.

  1. Include a Call-to-Action

Any video marketing plan must include a call-to-action (CTA). A clear, concise CTA should support the objective of the video. 68% of customers prefer to watch a brief video to learn more about a good or service.

Including a CTA that points the audience to the following stage of the sales process can result in conversions. The CTA can also be added at the conclusion of the video, along with a clickable link, to make it simple for viewers to take action.

  1. Analyze Video Performance

Future video marketing strategies can be informed by performance analysis, which can help pinpoint areas that need development. Monitoring metrics like views, engagement rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate can give you useful information about how well the movie did.

You can also identify the preferences and hobbies of the audience by keeping an eye on comments and feedback. 

Finally, increased interaction and conversions can result from the performance analysis of videos and the incorporation of learned lessons into upcoming video marketing strategies.


Any digital marketing plan must include video marketing. 

However, poorly done video marketing may result in losing prospective clients. 

To avoid losing prospective customers and to boost engagement and conversions, it is important to understand the audience, keep the video brief and interesting, optimize it for search engines, including a call to action, and monitor video performance.

Komal is the Co-Founder & CEO of MotionGility – An Animated Explainer Video Production Company based out of Pennsylvania, USA.

Her areas of expertise include business development and explainer video production. With her disciplined attitude and knack for creativity, she and her team have delivered result-oriented and winning videos to hundreds of clients globally.

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