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How to Clean Your Pool Like a Pro

How to Clean Your Pool Like a Pro

Even though 10.4 million residential homes have swimming pools, there are some homeowners unaware of how to care for a pool. If your home has a pool and could use a good clean, you’ll need to put in the work.

However, if you keep up with specific pool cleaning tips, it’ll be easier to maintain.

How should you be cleaning your pool? If you’re in the Las Vegas market and looking for a great pool cleaning company, check out Bryte Pools.

Keep reading to learn our best swimming pool cleaning tips.

Run the Pool Pump

Running the pool pump is one of the pool cleaning tips that you should do every day. A stagnant pool will end up with unwanted substances and lead to bad circulation.

When the water continues to move, it’s going to be cleaner and clearer. Keeping your pool pump on 24/7 is ideal for those whose budget allows it. If you can’t, run the pool pump for around 8-12 hours per day.

Check Chemistry Levels

Knowing how to clean a pool involves checking the chemistry. The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8, with the optimal level being 7.4.

If you use your pool a few times out of the week, you should check the chemical balance twice that week. If you use your pool less, it is still recommended to check pool chemistry once a week.

Clear the Skimmer Basket

One of the most simple pool maintenance tips is to clear the skimmer basket to remove debris before it sinks into the pool and pollutes it. The skimmer basket only works if it isn’t clogged.

When your skimmer works, you’ll spend less time cleaning the stairs, ladders, and tiles. Finding the best pool tile cleaner is still essential to keeping your pool clean.

Check the Chlorinator

Checking the chlorinator is one of the top cleaning tips for pools that constantly need shocking. You should only shock your pool when it is contaminated with nitrates from algae buildup.

If you shock your pool and notice that the water is still green or cloudy, your chlorinator might be the culprit. Check it to figure out if you have issues with loading, clogging, or chlorine tablets.

Purchase a Pool Vacuum

You don’t need every pool cleaning gadget out there but purchasing a pool vacuum is never a bad investment. It’s not easy to manually clean the bottom of the pool which is when a pool vacuum comes in handy.

You can use this device once a week. Make sure you leave it on long enough to make a full sweep on the bottom of the pool.

If your pool has trees or plants overhead that deposit leaves, pollen, and other debris into the pool, you’ll want to use your pool vacuum more often. Running it twice a week should do the trick.

Cleaning Tips for Every Pool Owner

If you are a relatively new pool owner or one looking for the best pool cleaning tips, this guide can help. When you run the pool pump, check the chemistry and the chlorinator, and clear the skimmer basket, you’ll own a beautiful pool.

Plus, if you don’t feel like manually scrubbing your pool, purchasing a pool vacuum can make things easier on you.

For more beneficial tips like this, check out the home and garden section of our blog!

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