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How to create a chill space at home

How to create a chill space at home

If you have been looking for a moment to create a chill space at home and make it more comfortable for the whole family designing your own home, then now is the right time. According to statistics, people began to spend much more time at home due to the quarantine connected with Coronavirus.

This trend continues to grow even now. While working and relaxing, many homeowners have begun to pay more and more attention to interior decor to make their living space much cozier.

Your home is a perfect spot for entertainment and living. Do you want to spend more time with your loved ones? How about creating places in your home where you feel comfortable spending time together? When a family gets together, you want each family member to feel as comfortable as possible. Use these tips to create a cozy atmosphere in your homerooms.

Do not ignore the lighting in home design

Many mistakenly think that light is not so important for family time. The proper lighting can create an atmosphere in every home design. It’s in your power to make your space as cozy as possible. To create the right mood, we recommend harmoniously combining different lighting.

Having good daylight and large windows in your rooms is excellent. But if not, then you can focus on certain parts of the room, thanks to spotlighting. A great solution would be to add dimmers, which are economical and allow you to combine different temperatures from bright to dim.

When you spend time with your family, it’s not about having a lot of space but using the available space wisely. If you don’t know what kind of lighting is best for your home, we recommend experimenting with different lighting solutions. And don’t forget about the candles. They not only create cozy lighting but also fill the house with a pleasant aroma.

Rearrange the furniture in the house 

Here you have every chance to show your creativity and innovative approach. If you are the owner of a spacious living room, a great solution would be to place the furniture in the center of the room. Remember that there should be at least 25 inches between furniture and walls. Arrange the seat side by side, and sofas and armchairs facing each other.

If upholstered furniture is close enough, people will be comfortable talking and spending time together. Opt for a round table instead of a square one. And if the living room is large enough, you can divide it into two zones using two rugs or a console. The living room is perfect for implementation if you have a creative idea.

Pay attention to fabrics in living room

Nothing will add coziness to your living room designs like upholstered furniture. It is vital to pick fabrics that are pleasant to touch. Then sitting on such sofas or armchairs will be a pleasure. If your sofa or armchairs do not have a fresh look, then you can look for sofa slipcovers and slipcovers for armchairs.

Choose fabrics that you can easily wash in the washing machine. Then you will save time and money and your nerves without worrying about a spilled glass of wine or a piece of food that your child may accidentally drop. If you have pets or plan to have them, choose pet-friendly materials. They are specially designed for easy cleaning after your four-legged friends.

How to make the living room more comfortable

  • Gather a collection of various board games. They will provide an exciting pastime for your family.
  • Choose decor according to the season. We’re sure you have cute items for Valentine’s Day, not to mention Christmas or Easter. It’ll be a great solution to add some floral accents in spring. During fall, you can use pumpkins in the decor. And we know how everyone likes decorating Christmas trees in December!
  • Arrange beautiful pillows on the sofa and armchairs to make the room look welcoming.
  • Prepare warm blankets for the cold season. You can wrap yourself up with a cup of aromatic tea.
  • The color palette is an important nuance that you should consider when buying new decor items.
  • Put the most important items where you can see them. It’s lovely to look at things that evoke joyful emotions in seconds.
  • Fresh flowers will look advantageous in any living room. And if you don’t like cut flowers, you can add potted plants.

Organize a Game Room

Making a game room will be a great solution if you have free space. Many choose the basement for this purpose. Each member of the family will be able to have fun playing table football, billiards, table tennis, or ping-pong. You can also add a modern Playstation or your favorite retro games from your childhood. If you don’t have a spare room, you can organize a special corner with games in the living room.

Many mistakenly think that the family can only gather in the living room. Living space is not limited to just one room. So, we know well that this judgment is wrong.

These are just a few ideas, but be sure that they will significantly help you create the necessary comfort in your home.

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