How to Organise Your Storage Space as a Garage Owner

How to Organise Your Storage Space as a Garage Owner

The automotive industry in the UK remains a vital part of the region’s economy, contributing more than £78.9 billion in turnover and adding £15.3 billion in value every single year.

Also, Storage Units can help you to store your product and manage your business.

Garages play a key role in this space, both in terms of the revenue that they generate and the regular maintenance that they provide to vehicles throughout the UK. Remember, garage owners make their money by selling labour as well as car parts, so they remain key employers in local economies.

As a garage owner, it’s also important that you organise your storage space to be as efficient as possible. This creates a tidy and professional workspace that’s easy to navigate safely, but what steps can be taken to achieve this objective?

  • Invest in a Tyre Rack

Any self-respecting garage is likely to store a large number of tyres, especially with so many everyday repairs originating as a result of punctures or burst tyres. Also, if you’d prefer to enhance your Garages security, you should choose Roller Shutters Manchester.

However, tyres can quickly clutter even the most organised spaces, while potentially creating tripping hazards that increases the risk of accidents occuring in the workplace.

You can resolve this issue by investing in a tyre rack, which provides bespoke and convenient storage for your stock of new and used tyres and rims.

These can be sourced in different sizes, while the selection of shelves enables you to save space and organise tyres by reference and conditions.

  • Organise Your Tools Like a Pro

Speed and efficiency are critical factors when selling labour, which is why your tool storage must be accessible and available at all times.

Make no mistake; organising and storing your tools in a single place can enable you to work considerably smarter, as you’ll have everything to hand in real-time while minimising the time spent rooting around for stray tools or pieces of equipment.

So, if your current toolbox is overflowing and becoming somewhat unwieldy, you may need to consider either discarding any unwanted items or upgrading to a larger storage unit.

We’d also recommend investing in portable tool storage, as this allows you to work more flexibility without compromising on your ability to maintain a truly organised workspace.

  • Consider Scaling the Space to Cope with Rising Demand

Occasionally, you find that your garage space becomes compromised as your business grows, particularly in instances where you invest in more tools or are required to take on one or two additional staff members.

However, the challenge here is that you may not be able to relocate or invest in a larger garage, so you’ll need to consider investing in creative storage options and scaling the existing space to cope with demand.

This means buying bigger and bespoke furniture that’s adapted to the size of your garage, particularly in terms of height and length. This affords you optimal storage space, without compromising on the maximum floor space available for completing work tasks.

Large workbenches with in-built storage should also be procured, while spaces can be designated for items such as small tools and PPE (personal protective equipment).

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