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How To Put on a Duvet Cover

Duvets and duvet covers have a long history but didn’t become popular until the 1960s. Now, millions are sold every year.

Who can resist the coziness of this feather-stuffed bedding?

And when you add a duvet cover, you are protecting your duvet from sweat, dirt, and stains.

It’s easy to take off and throw in the wash or you can buy a new one if your style changes.

Are you thinking about buying a duvet cover but are unsure about how to put on a duvet cover? Keep reading to learn more about this decorating trend.

Methods For Putting on a Duvet Cover

When you buy a duvet cover, you might be a little intimated about putting it over your duvet.

If you find yourself struggling, look for the method that is simplest for you. And the one that doesn’t leave it looking like a lumpy mess.

The Traditional Way

You’ll start by laying the duvet or down comforter flat on top of your mattress. Next, you’ll turn your duvet cover inside out.

Put your hands inside the cover to grab the two top corners, one in each hand.

Now, while your hands are still inside the cover, reach out to grab the top two corners of the duvet.

Now comes the tricky part. While tightly holding the corners of the duvet cover and the duvet, flip the duvet cover so the right side is out and over the duvet.

Shake it so it falls over the duvet/comforter covering most of it. If necessary, pull it the remainder of the way down and stuff the bottom corners into the cover.

Once it is all in place, button, tie, or zip it up and smooth it out over your mattress.

Get yourself luxury bedding made by earth-friendly people. You’ll enjoy dreamier, cozier sleep once your bed is made!

The California Roll

You will again start with the duvet cover turned inside out. Once you’ve done that, lay it on your mattress with the opening facing away from you.

Next, take your duvet or comforter and put it on top of the duvet cover aligning all four corners and edges.

While still on the opposite side of the opening, begin to roll the duvet and the cover. If necessary, realign the edges so they stay together while rolling.

Once you have it completely rolled up, start at one end and stuff the duvet inside the cover continuing across the whole roll.

Zip, button, or tie it up and then place that end at the bottom of the bed and begin to unroll.

Shake it and fluff it once you have it in place.

How To Put On A Duvet Cover

Now that you know how to put on a duvet cover, are you ready to spruce up your bedding? Duvet covers are the perfect way to change your look and keep your duvet from getting dirty!

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