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How To Wash Clothes & Do Laundry While Traveling

Traveling is fun and exciting, and it’s good for the soul and mind to take a trip once in a while and explore the world. If you want your trip to go smoothly, there is some amount of planning to do beforehand. 

If you’re planning on taking a more extended trip, one of the critical things you want to pay attention to is packing the appropriate clothes and ensuring that taking care of them and doing the laundry won’t be a big hassle. You can also use laundry services for your clothes. You can check more information about managing your laundry in this article.

Here are a few ways you can do your laundry while traveling

Hand wash your clothes

It’s possible that while on your trip, you won’t have laundry services readily available, so your best option is to learn how to hand wash your clothes the right way.

Luckily, washing your clothes is simple, and you will only need two things: a sink or a tub and detergent. 

Before you start submerging your clothes, make sure that the colors are separated and that you have a space available to hang all your clothes. When you’ve done that, you’re ready to start washing.

Fill the sink with warm water

Make sure your water is just warm enough. You don’t want your water to be too hot because you will stick your hands in it, and hot water makes the colors bleed out sometimes. Then, add just a few drops of your favorite detergent.

The easiest and most efficient way to wash your clothes in the sink is only to load a couple of items at a time. Submerge your items, swish them around and knead them with your hands for about two minutes. 


After you’re done washing, you need to make sure you rinse your clothes properly. You might have to rinse a few times to ensure that all the soap and sud are thoroughly cleaned.

Hang your clothes

When you’re done rinsing, you should be gentle when wringing out the water. Some fabrics are more delicate than others, so read the manufacturer’s label and treat them properly. 

Depending on where you’re staying, you might have a clothing dryer rack available or improvise using a shower bar.

Laundry services

If hotel service seems unfit for your budget and the laundromats are not near your accommodation, you might want to check out local laundry services nearby. With a quick search, you might find multiple results. Laundry agencies offer complete services such as washing, folding, and dry cleaning. In some countries, these agencies are well-developed businesses; in others, they might only be local, small family shops. You might have to ask around to find one. 

If you happen to have New Jersey on your map for this summer, we can spare you from googling and suggest you check out this agency that does laundry in Hoboken, including delivery and pick up, so that everything is taken care of for you.

Find a laundromat

With the internet available everywhere, it is easy to type out “Laundromats near me” and get many results in only a few seconds. In Laundromats, you’ll find self-service machines that operate by putting in coins. If you don’t have coins, in some cases, you can exchange cash at the front desk.

Be mindful that laundromats are not common in some countries, so make sure that you do your research before relying on this solution.

Use your hotel services

If you’re staying in a hotel, it is likely that along with other services, and there will be a laundry service available as well. While this option can cost a lot more than other alternatives, such as washing your laundry or venturing out to the city to find a laundromat, it is undoubtedly more convenient. 

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