Instagram Followers: What Makes Them Follow an Account?

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If someone were to ask you what Instagram is and how it is used, would you be able to answer them? The chances are unless you are active on the app, it would be quite challenging to come up with an answer. With that being said, Instagram is definitely worth your time, and with over 2 billion users on the app, we’re not the only ones who think this. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and while it seems like a purely recreational platform at first glance, it can be a great tool for marketing and business development. Additionally, with the possibility of using a good site to buy organic IG followers, a business account can grow in no time. These services deliver fast results if you are looking for real and organic engagement. However, do you know what makes a follower follow you? Let’s find out.


The first thing that makes Instagram followers press the “follow” button is engagement. If you have an Instagram account, you need to ensure that you constantly engage with your audience. Instagram is a social media platform, which means that you need to ensure that you are social on the platform at all times. People want to see posts that are interactive because this encourages them to leave comments and likes on the post, so make sure that you engage with your audience by liking their posts and comments, replying to comments that they leave on your posts, sharing posts, and responding to direct messages. Keep in mind that engagement is the key to keeping your followers interested in your account.


The next thing that makes people follow an account on Instagram is variety. Instagram followers want to see a variety of content, not just the same old boring stuff over and over again. This means that you should mix things up when posting content. You should also switch up the type of content that you post. For example, you should post photos, videos, reels, carousels, and stories so that your followers get to enjoy your content in all forms. By publishing a variety of content, you will keep your followers engaged and coming back for more. In addition to keeping them engaged, you will also increase your visibility on Instagram, which will welcome a whole bunch of new followers.


Another thing that you need to prioritize is good-quality content. Instagram followers are looking for posts that are well-crafted and look professional, so make sure you spend extra time and effort on your content. This means posting content that is well-lit and in focus as well as content that is interesting and engaging. Keep in mind that this doesn’t mean every post needs to be perfect; it should just look like you have put some effort into your feed.


One thing that is very important on Instagram is showing your followers your personality in your posts. This means showing people your sense of humor, sharing your opinions, and just being genuine overall on the app. Many people go onto Instagram and try to curate the perfect feed and try to portray themselves as perfect, but when you humanize yourself, people can connect with you and grow a love for following you. Showing your personality and connecting with your followers will also encourage them to engage with you, so let your walls down and be yourself on the app.


Last but not least, Instagram followers are looking for consistency. This means that you need to post regularly and at consistent times. By being consistent, you will show your followers that you are serious about Instagram and that they can count on you and your account to post new content often that they can enjoy. Being consistent also increases your visibility on the app which means more people will be exposed to your account and potentially follow you.

Instagram is a great place to connect and engage with people. While most people use the app for personal reasons, a lot of people use this platform to build their businesses and personal brands. If you have an Instagram account and want to grow your follower count, follow these steps, and you will see a noticeable improvement.

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