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Not everyone has a financial plan for the road ahead. In fact, in a world that is evidently uncertain, to say the least, financial planning is as far away from most people’s minds as the earth is from the sun. Financial planning is a must, as this helps people to fulfil most of their goals in life, at least to some degree.

Financial planning is a process, and does not occur overnight. It entails taking a long, hard look at your financial situation and making a specific plan that helps you in achieving your financial goals. Firms like Glide Invest, can certainly help you, not just to plan, but to achieve financial goals, depending on your individual needs. When a person undertakes financial planning, they must delve into various areas of finance, primarily investment, savings, taxation, retirement planning, insurance, real estate, and more. Many individuals are lost when it comes to financial awareness. Glide Invest helps you to find a way through the financial planning maze, with each phase sorted out.

Distinctive Planning 

There are a number of financial instruments and products on the market today. You can use any of these to achieve your financial objectives, or a combination. Each individual is different and financial goals are distinctive too. For some individuals, the priority is to send children abroad for higher education. For others, it may be to pay for their child’s marriage in the future and create an emergency fund. For the majority of individuals, diligent financial planning involves a degree of different goals to be met, and these are milestones in which a significant amount of expense is incurred.

Through a Motilal Oswal Group Initiative, Glide Invest introduces potential financial planners and investors to one of the smartest ways to invest today, through mutual funds. With expert guidance in a completely automated app and highlights like 0% commission, you only save for your future. Investment portfolios cater to particular investor requirements and consider unique risk personalities while helping to invest.

Understanding Different Goals and Unique Planning

Investing wisely with Glide Invest is one part of your investment planning issue solved, a major part. However, before you consider allocating your capital to a fund, you have to know about the different goals you have to meet and needs you have to fulfil. Actually, while you plan your financial future, knowing your goals plays a key role in setting aside funds to meet them, and being aware of your time horizon. Categorising your goals into short-term and long-term goals is a good way to start your planning, before you make that decision to venture into Glide Invest:

  • Meeting Short-Term Goals

Short-term goals include such things as a contingency fund for meeting any emergency expenses, purchasing vehicles, buying a home, etc. Some individuals view short-term expense goals as funding the next vacation. The key short-term goal that most individuals acknowledge regarding financials is an emergency corpus. Life and its unpredictable circumstances can be challenging, to say the least. At Glide Invest, experts know that emergencies can take an emotional toll, and more than this, place a huge burden on any individual’s financial situation. Emergencies constitute such circumstances and events as health issues, accidents, loss of employment, unexpected expensive repairs, etc.

The main thing to do is to start your saving and investment journey early. The earlier you save, while you are young and healthy, the more potential you have to save and invest larger amounts of capital. Hence, you get more gains. Investing early gives you an edge, and mutual fund investment at Glide Invest caters to your every financial aim. Setting aside a portion of your monthly income in a mutual fund can go a long way in building a corpus, either for your emergency fund or for a longer term goal. At Glide Invest, you may even consider a liquid mutual fund that gives you the option to maintain part of your fund in the form of cash.

  • Meeting Long-Term Goals

For long-term goal planning, investors should gear their thoughts to deeper considerations. In fact, planning for the long run requires patience and discipline. In this, too, Glide Invest can be a friend as it takes you through your long-term goal planning path. In the long term, you may wish to plan for your retirement, and think your pension plan is all you need. This is rarely enough to sustain your retirement expenses as you must think of inflation, emergency health expenses and daily costs of living. Many investors may think of taking career breaks at a point in their long-term future, and this requires planning of a fiduciary nature as well. At Glide Invest, mutual fund investment may be the right way to go for long-term financial planning according to your tolerance for risk.

Plan with the Best – Glide Invest

You may believe you have your short-term and long-term financial plans sorted out, but when you sit down to think, you may discover that you are confused. The seasoned brains at Glide Invest can guide you to invest with ease and convenience to make your financial dreams a reality you can achieve quite soon.

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