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After three hundred sixty-five days have passed, years also begin to pass. You are slowly achieving things that make you close to reaching your dream job until you need to make your cover letter to see if your qualifications are well expected by the company employer you are applying to. You can support your job application to make your cover letter more informative. With the help of a cover letter enclosure, you can ensure that all of your important documents are delivered to the hiring manager securely and in one place.

It is a useful tool for job seekers that is available on the internet; specifically, it is used to make your list of documents safe, such as letters of recommendation, photocopies of credentials, questionnaires, and written tests taken as part of job applications, which are then submitted to your employer to support your job application. In addition, you can make sure the recipient is aware that there may be additional documents to review by stating in your cover letter that there are enclosures to avoid mistakes like important information not being read by the employer, which will make them think you are not qualified enough to fit into that position.

Here are three cover letter formats that can make it simpler, informative, and creative:


In this part of the cover letter, you will state your contact information, education, intentions, or the job you are applying for. If you come across a hiring sign, you can mention where you saw it. You can omit the person’s name if someone recommended you for a particular position. In addition, you need to also write here about why you are interested in that specific job and company. To end this part of the cover letter, you can demonstrate your understanding of the business and your enthusiasm for joining it and then praise the company.

Sales Proposal

In this part of the letter, you will demonstrate to the employer that you are a good fit for the position and ask for a job interview. You will also state in this part your useful skills, talents, and creativity, where you will only choose three qualities that the employers expect you to have and explain how you meet them and how your skills can help them in the future. You can also support yourself by utilizing the job description and credentials. In addition, as a reminder, do not repeat every sentence from your resume. Your qualifications for the position are based on your experience, so connect what they need with what you offer.


In this part, you can summarize your worth, why you are perfect for the job, and how you can benefit their company in the future, where you can also express your interest in the business and thank them for their time.

Cover letters are important in applying for a job. However, to make it more informative, use a cover letter enclosure, where you can ensure that all of your crucial documents are sent to the hiring manager securely and in one piece. It is used to support your application with a list of documents, including recommendation letters, copies of credentials, questionnaires, and written exams. In the cover letter, you should include information about your intentions, contact details, and educational background. You can highlight your valuable skills, abilities, and creativity in specific cover letter sections. You can also use this opportunity to convince the employer that you are a good fit for the job and ask for an invitation.

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