Metal Fabrication-Processes and Applications

Metal Fabrication-Processes and Applications

Metal in many shapes and forms helps in the existence of every human being. Everything that provides convenience to people, like tools, machinery, utensils, and appliances in today’s world, is mostly made of metal. Metal plays a great deal as in how human beings live and operate throughout their lives. In the current world, the needs for metal fabrication are increasing, and so the industry is growing rapidly. Just search for metal fabrication dallas to find the fabricators nearest to your location.

What is Metal Fabrication?

The process of converting raw materials into various shapes that are premade by using various processes is known as Metal Fabrication. The process of metal fabrication Seattle involves using raw materials like plain metal, casting, welding rods, etc., to manufacture various structures, parts, and machines.

The process of metal fabrication involves many skilled personnel to create the starting blocks of various industries. This leads to the creation of small dedicated parts from the metal and produces the desired product such as blackened steel which can give your project a distinct appearance.

What are the processes of Metal Fabrication?

The processes of metal fabrication involve the cutting, drilling, folding, and welding of metal to achieve the desired product. Each of the processes involved in the metal fabrication process requires practice, skills, use of expensive machines and tools. There is a significant amount of training provided before a person can work in a facility.

The processes of metal fabrication include:

Ø  Cutting

Cutting is the most common metal fabrication process that involves cutting thin metal sheets, and the sheets are split into smaller and more precise shapes that have application in various industries. Many high-tech pieces of machinery like lasers and torches are used to cut the metal into smaller sections. Not only sheets but other shaped metals like bars and panels can also be cut into desired shapes.

Ø  Machining

Machining is the process in which various small pieces are removed from any metal panel using a machine. Machining involves using tools like the drill that can be used to drill shapes of different kinds on the metal surface.

Ø  Welding

The process of joining two or more parts of metal is known as welding. This is probably one of the most commonly used processes in metal fabrication. Welding can be performed on sheets, bars, and panels. Heat is applied to the two surfaces with a torch so that they can join together. This process often produces dangerous fumes and sparks, so welders often have a welding fume extractor, as well as wear masks and face shields.

Ø  Folding

Folding is done to provide the metal the perfect angle required for any application. This is done using high-tech machines and is a complex process. To avoid the complex process, sometimes two metal parts are welded at the desired angles.

Ø  Punching

Punching is the process that involves drilling holes in the metal surface. Various special drills of different diameters and sizes are used so that the hole can be perfect. The metal sheet is placed under a drill at a significant force which leads to a hole in the metal surface.

Ø  Casting

This involves the changing of the metal to any desired shape with the help of a mold. Liquid metal is poured into a specific mold so that it can solidify and take the desired size and shape. The casting of any metal leads to less wastage which means it can be used for expensive metals like gold.

Ø  Stamping

Stamping is the process used to form any figures, words, shapes on the metal surface without penetrating it. The surface of the metal is raised so that the stamp is visible. Metal stamping has significant use in the making of coins.

Ø  Shearing

The long cuts in any metal surface are done using shearing. A metal sheet is fed horizontally or vertically into the cutting machine, which can lead to trimming of the edges of any metal surface or piece.

Types of Fabricated Metals

Ø  Expanded Metal

Ø  Sectional Metal

Ø  Flat Metal

  • Leaf Metal
  • Sheet Metal
  • Plate Metal

Ø  Welding Wire

Industries that use Fabricated Metal

Ø  Manufacturing

Metal parts are used in the construction of various buildings, from support structures to exterior designs. The use of metal makes the buildings strong and earthquake secure.

Fabricated metal is used in the manufacturing of shipping containers, tanks, and even in the manufacture of ships. Wire manufacturing is one of the most important parts of metal fabrication Dallas.

Various dedicated pieces of equipment are manufactured for nearly every type of industry that you can think of. For example, the car industry gets its spare parts from fabricated metal.

Ø  Tools and Hardware

Fabricated metal is used in the manufacture of handy tools that are used in everyday life. The cutlery and knives used can never be produced without the fabrication processes like cutting, shearing.

The manufacturing of computer hardware is also an important application of Fabricated metals. Small metal parts like hard drive casings, motherboards, monitors can’t be produced without the usage of metal.

Ø  Construction and Building

The heating and cooling vents and their parts are made from metal. Therefore, the construction of the building and even small homes is impossible without fabrication.

Construction of buildings involves the use of fire escapes, wires for connectivity, water storage tanks which are all made from fabricated metal.

Ø  Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is completely dependent upon the manufacturing of airplanes and jet parts that are only possible because of the fabrication process. The metals used in these aircraft need to be not only lightweight but also safe at greater speeds.

Ø  Farming Industry

Various parts and machinery that are used in the farming process are constructed using metal. This is similar to the car industry as the spare parts of large machines and tractors that are used to harvest the crops are made by the process of metal fabrication.


The manufacture of many everyday items that add convenience to the life of human beings is impossible to manufacture without the fabrication of metals like cutlery, lamps, lights, cans, fans, etc. The manufacturing of many items depends on the fabrication industry, which involves a lot of complex processes. You can always search for more details on the processes of metal fabrication dallas on the internet.

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