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How to Make Your Pool Enclosure Look Stunning

A quality pool enclosure can do wonders for your home. For example, it can increase your home value by up to $11,000 in Phoenix, Arizona, to $95,000 in Los Angeles.

Before your enclosure can increase your home value, it must look stunning. You must design a custom enclosure that fits aesthetically and adds to the enjoyment of having a pool.

To ensure your enclosure is the best it can be, follow these tips to upgrade its appearance.

Color Coordinated Accessories

Start by picking a color scheme and sticking to it. Consider choosing light and bright colors that will give the space a cheerful, airy look and make it feel inviting.

Once you’ve decided on the color scheme, add a few well-coordinated accessories to bring the look together.

Innovative Storage Options

It’s essential to have sufficient storage to store all the tools, supplies, and equipment safely.

All of these are necessary to keep your pool clean and running efficiently. You may consider storing your sealant for pavers and vacuum heads. An easy option is to install large plastic shelving units with adjustable shelves to help organize and store pool supplies.

To make the enclosure pleasing to the eye, you can add decorative baskets, hampers, and totes to store pool towels, toys, and other items.

Shelving units also provide an excellent area to hang towels, wet suits, and other items. A simple but effective solution is to use PVC pipes attached to the enclosure walls to hang pool accessories and provide added storage.

To finish the look, consider adding outdoor string lights to brighten the area and give it a fun, inviting atmosphere.

Creative Lighting for Ambience

Creative lighting can transform the look of your pool enclosure and create an ambient atmosphere where you can relax.

To achieve this design, start with warm white lights. These lights should be placed throughout the enclosure, from the top corners to the pool’s base. This can create a romantic atmosphere, perfect for dinner dates or intimate dinner parties.

With a few simple lighting additions, you can make your pool enclosure look stunning and create the ideal ambiance in no time.

Attractive Fencing Made of Sturdy Materials

Wood is a classic look, offering a natural appearance. Vinyl and aluminum are resistant to fading and weather damage, making them an excellent option for outdoor pool enclosures. Wrought iron can offer a classic, timeless look that is great for any pool enclosure.

When installing the fencing, make sure to use high-quality G&B Quality Cedar Products and materials that can withstand the elements. Consider the style and size of your home and the pool area. Also, ensure the fencing is secure, with a lockable gate to make it harder for intruder access. Meanwhile, you can also choose a glass fence or door and include Polaris soft close hinges for a modern and elegant look. Investing in attractive and durable fencing enhances the aesthetic appeal of your pool area and provides safety and security for you and your family.

Finally, you can make your pool enclosure look stunning with attractive fencing and other outdoor furnishings, such as outdoor lounge chairs or a fire pit.

Quality Furniture for Sitting and Lounging

Start by determining what outdoor furniture best fits your style—modern, classic, or trendy.

Keep climate in mind when selecting waterproof furniture that won’t rust in humid climates. Also, consider adding several sun loungers, a comfy bench, a couple of chairs, a side table, and a daybed.

Quality furniture in your pool enclosure will make the area look expensive and inviting—an ideal spot for casual afternoon gatherings or romantic evening parties.

A few well-chosen pieces of furniture, such as chairs and tables, will add comfort to your pool style. Next, add a few outdoor-safe pillows, lamps, and art pieces for an elevated touch. Lastly, a few strategically placed potted plants can bring the look to life and provide a soft, natural touch.

Modern Curtain and Window Treatments

Introducing curtain and window treatments to your pool enclosure can make it look stunning while also allowing you to control how much sunlight comes in.

Adding curtains or blinds to the windows in your enclosure will not only control the amount of light but can also give a modern look, making a statement and adding beauty. In addition, selecting a window treatment that complements other outdoor furniture, like your outdoor furniture and decor, will give your pool enclosure more unity and individuality.

For example, thin sheer curtains, mesh shades, and bamboo blinds look striking and can make any outdoor space look beautiful. If you’re looking for unique touches, use embellishments like stripes, tassels, and patterns to finish your gorgeous curtains.

Proper Maintenance

Use a high-pressure washer to rid the enclosure of stubborn dirt and debris that can accumulate over time. This will help make your enclosure look bright and vibrant.

You should also rinse your enclosure frequently with water to wash away any dirt that may have remained on the surface. Additionally, you can use a sealant for pavers to maintain the clarity of the enclosure and make it look shimmery and spotless.

Don’t forget to scoop out leaves and other debris from your pool. And you can use a pool cover to keep critters out.

Decluttering and Organizing a Pool Enclosure

Decluttering and organizing a pool enclosure can be the first step in making it a stunning oasis. Next, bring in a good quality seating and relaxation area for everyone to enjoy. Combining decluttering and organizing lets you quickly make your home pool enclosure look stunning.

Your pool enclosure is now ready to go! With the right accessories and materials, you can bring the stunning look of your pool enclosure to life.

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