Preventive Measures to Consider Before Opting for a Moving Company

Preventive Measures to Consider Before Opting for a Moving Company

Are you planning to make your big move? Or are you setting up an office? Before you try to wrestle your life into small cardboard boxes and eat out of disposable containers to prepare for the final move to your new residence. Check out these few helpful tips to avoid mayhem during your move.

Moving a company is one of the most complex tasks that you can experience. Our mission is to support our customers during the moving process, providing advice and help at any time and respecting our clients’ needs. Art Shipping Companies will help you find your future premises, negotiate the lease agreement between parties, and select an appropriate office fit-out and equipment. When you need to move a company, consider many things. This article will cover the most important factors and concepts that can help you make an informed decision.

Pick your Movers and Avoid Moving Scams

Why hire a moving company?

Picking out reliable and professional movers requires some research and a little cash investment. Then, why should you opt for a moving company and not dive into a self-move? No one has the time and strength to devote to the exhaustive process of moving. It demands all of your time and attention. At the same time, you have to juggle between an astronomical amount of office workload, kids and their needs, and various mundane activities that keep popping at the worst possible times.

Leave your packing to the movers, be it cross country or a local move. Professional movers have the knowledge and skills to pack your belongings safely and efficiently. They have the appropriate packaging materials to transport your valuables without damage. They save you from the tedious task of wrapping and unwrapping your belongings.

You might be hesitating in booking yourself a mover’s help because of the cost. But did you know that movers can help you save money and stress? They have the right tools to pack and can save you from multiple trips to the dollar store for boxes, tapes, bubble wraps, and markers.

 Moving scams: how to avoid them?

Fraudulent moving deals are surprisingly a common occurrence. During the move, people primarily focus on the safe delivery of their precious belongings, neglecting even their health in the process. However, frequent complaints exist against non-professionals/ scammers for overcharging, withholding possessions, and ditching people on a moving day after securing an advance.

Therefore, hiring a reliable, licensed moving company is essential. They aren’t hard to get a hold of if you research and ask a few friends for recommendations and referrals. However, you are in luck if you happen to reside in Seattle because there are great movers to help you out. All you need to do is simply Google for moving companies Seattle near me,’ and you will get an abundance of options available ready to make your move smooth like butter.

How to find if your movers are reliable?

  • Look up their profile on Better Business Bureau (BBB) and FMCSA database for registrations and customer feedback during your research.
  • Don’t opt for companies where they don’t give you a written record for price estimates beforehand.
  • Another red flag is when the movers ask for large deposits. According to the American moving companies and Storage Association, you shouldn’t be paying over 20 percent of the estimated cost.
  • Get everything down in writing, and predetermined estimates agreed on. Don’t get them started on packing if the movers try to change the assessment on the move day. Decide on the revised sum and sign the new agreement.
  • Don’t sign ambiguous and vague documents. Get them verified so scammers might not get a chance to demand a higher price later.
  • Get the contact details for the company, driver, and staff involved during the process as a precaution.

Essential Things to Ensure while Moving

Once the final week before the move hits, you’ll be ready to pull your hair out; because things will keep getting out of your grasp if you don’t have your checklist on the go. No need to panic; we’ve got you covered.

  • Keep a folder around you at all times- throw in all loose papers: receipts, documents, etc. You never know which piece of paper can save you time and money.
  • Make a checklist- create a to-do list and check the items out to ensure you are not missing anything.
  • Allocate a budget for moving- estimate the cost of moving, repairs, and plumbing you need to get done to your new place.
  • Change your locks- no wonder how many people may already have the key to your new home (estate agents, old owners, etc.). Avoid anyone intruding on your property.
  • Check and install smoke/ fire alarms before you move- a minor fire accident may turn to threaten your health and security.
  • Take time off from work for the move- it is always wise to explain the situation to your boss and get them to agree on leaves or remote working.
  • Don’t forget to change your PO boxes and mailing address- avoid getting your deliveries lost or delayed because you forgot to update them about your new location.
  • Give a thorough once over to your new place for any wood, electricity, or plumbing repairs. Get the repairs done earlier, so they don’t pose a problem after you move in.

Safety Tips to Avoid Physical Health Risks

Don’t forget to look out for yourself. In case you decide to take the brunt of moving all by yourself without professional help. You may not trust people around your things-but shifting houses, offices, and shops alone is a daunting process. Moving your precious antiques and furniture with safety becomes the sole focus. Hence why, people often neglect another important aspect while evaluating moving companies. And that is ensuring their health safety first.

It is exhausting and challenging to lift heavy objects, wrap and unwrap possessions. The excitement of owning your property will take a nose dive if you get involved in an unfortunate accident or injury. We’ve got a few tips to keep you from feeling the blues in the middle of your move.

  • Don’t just dive in to pick a stack of 5 heavy boxes- give your arms and legs a bit of stretch before.
  • Protect your back- bend your knees and squat down to lift the object.
  • Avoid cramps- Hold yourself from sudden bending/leaning or sharp twists while carrying something heavy.
  • Get some gloves, goggles, and hand trollies to help drag things around.
  • Keep your clothes tucked in a long flowy dress shouldn’t be your moving gear.
  • Keep your kids and pets from running around the loading sites.
  • Lastly, keep yourself hydrated. Your muscles will cramp if you don’t increase your fluid intake.


Despite the exhaustion and stress, moving to a new environment is always rejuvenating. After all, it is your little safe space. Plan it out smartly by keeping all the safety and precautions in mind. A little bit of attention and planning ahead of schedule will make moving feel less of a chore. So, get started on your packing with confidence! Keep the experience positive and achieve all your big makeover goals but be mindful of your strengths and resources.

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