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Quick and easy ways to add value to any home

How to Make Your Home Feel More Modern?

For the majority of people, a home is the largest purchase they’ll make in a lifetime. However, after the old adage of ‘location, location, location’ being considered the most important quality a house can have, there are plenty of easy and cheap ways you could make your home worth more and achieve a higher price when you finally come to move on and sell. Better yet, you won’t only add value – you’ll also make your time there more comfortable.

If you’re looking for quick and easy ways to add to your home’s value, read on for some top tips used by professional home renovators.

Spend money on the kitchen

They say the kitchen is the beating heart of the home and it’s quite likely you’ll spend more time in this room than any other – so it’s worth investing more in this space. Ideas can range from a full kitchen revamp down to simply changing cupboard doors or flooring. It can often be surprising just how much difference basic revamp jobs can make to the overall ambiance of a kitchen – for example, a vinyl plank flooring installation.

Make sure your bathroom looks great

Ask any realtor, and they’ll likely confirm that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses so your bathroom is another space you should spend time and money renovating. Again, a bathroom update can range from completely gutting the room and installing an entirely new suite right down to just updating the toilet or even fitting a new shower head. Try to take an impartial look at the room to decide what could do with being replaced and spend accordingly.

Fit a new front door

First impressions count, as the saying goes, and for the majority of visitors to your home, the first thing they’ll see is your front door. The same applies to anyone viewing your house when you come to sell. Even just updating your front door can make a significant impact on the overall impression you project.

Add features to your garden and ensure it’s organized and tidy

Similar to the point above about your front door, your garden will also massively contribute to the overall feelings and emotions your home generates – so you should spend time making sure it looks as attractive and organized as possible to increase its curb appeal. If you create a bad impression from the start, it’s very hard to shake off and a homebuyer is far more likely to think you run a tight ship (and therefore have looked after your home) if they see a well-maintained and tended garden.

Upgrade your heating and appliances, etc.

Sure, many homebuyers approach the purchase of a house almost as a new project, but you shouldn’t just assume that a buyer will necessarily want to have to face upgrading your existing home. Rather, it’s better if you replace your heating system and appliances to save them from having to take on the work. It’s worth remembering, as an added benefit, you’ll also get to enjoy these better devices so this too is money well-spent while you’re still living in the house.

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