Rig Mat –Why Do You Use It?

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Basically, rig mats are used for heavy ground drilling and construction works at the workstations. It is a supportive platform that is strong to give extra sealant to the soft muddy area for better drilling with heavy machinery. For road construction, and metal and roof drilling, engineers put the rig mats to protect the ground from disaster. Click here to have details about the reasons of using rig mats and their types.

What Are Reasons for Using Rig Mats?

Particularly, the usage of rig mats is set for construction and drilling works. On unstable slippery muddy land, it is not possible for you to stand for driving the heavy duty drilling rod deep into the ground or wall. Boggy water logged land is also not suitable for a mechanic for drilling. The concrete solid rig mat is the protector to inhibit the skidding tendency. It controls the recurrent episodes of skid-offs of the machines for ground drilling.

Second Reason

The second reason is the enhancement flow and stability in workflow. Uneven texture or surface of the land is an obstruction for an engineer to drill manually. During extreme fast machine drilling, there will be a slippage and breakdown under the feet. With the installation of rig mat, you are 100 miles away from any fall and slippage accident. A mechanic feels safe and comfortable when he stands on the strong rig mat for manual drilling process .

No Contamination

The third reason of using rig mats is connected with the environmental contamination. While boring and drilling, harsh sound from the machine rips through the building. It is due to improper machine installation and setting. By putting a flat smooth rig mat on the ground, you can avoid sudden breakdown and slippage. The drilling machine moves freely and smoothly on the strong composite rig mat platform.

Types of Rig Mat

While discovering the usefulness of installing rig mats, you should be specific to learn about types of the rig mat. Basically, there are composite, steel and wood made platforms for protecting the ground from the vibration, cracks and damage.


The composite rig mats are flexible, durable and less hazardous. The sturdy materials are used to manufacture the composite rig mats for reinforcing the construction ground and roads.


Steel rig mat is stronger. However, you can’t carry the heavy duty steel rig mat easily. It is impossible for you to shift it from A to B transit points.


Wood rig mat is flexible and lightweight. Easily you can fix this wood rig mat to the ground for better construction and drilling works.

Finally, when you buy the rig mats, you should check its resilience and performance. This protective sealant must be fitted to your home for simple and complicated drilling process. High quality rig mats must not have rigid surface and defects. For more information, go to this website for research. To assist your DIY drilling program, you should arrange the rig mat made of composite materials, steel and wood. This protective system ensures the faster completion of the risky drilling jobs.

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