Rockin’ New Years Eve: What Should I Wear for New Years Eve?

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The new year is a time for a new you, right?

It seems like this year has flown by in a flash. The holiday season, and the fun parties that come along with it, are just around the corner. It’s time to start preparing.

Unfortunately, most people spend so much time cooking food for Thanksgiving and buying presents for Christmas that they’re exhausted by the time New Year’s Eve rolls around. Where will you find the energy to pick out an NYE outfit?

Below is a quick fashion guide on what to wear for your New Year’s celebration. You’ll be turning heads from one year to the next.

Keeping It Cool

Let’s get one thing clear. Sleek and cool shouldn’t be boring.

Sure, your potential New Year’s Eve outfits may not feature bold colors and maximalist patterns, but you can still capture the attention of everyone in the room.

Use this holiday to experiment with leather, faux fur, custom lanyard and dainty accessories. Many people enjoy keeping colors neutral while playing around with multiple textures.

For example, slip on a pair of black leather pants. Match it with an oversized white or black shirt. If it’s cold outside, add a large faux fur jacket for extra glam.

Don’t forget the accessories. Add white leather platform boots and layered necklaces.

Do you want a more masculine look? Opt for black straight-leg pants, fresh white sneakers, a neutral-colored button-down shirt, and a chrome watch. Leave a few buttons undone, and add a small chain necklace.

Glitter and Glam 

Women’s wear for New Year’s Eve is typically packed with glitter and glam. There’s no better time than the holiday season to cover yourself in sparkles.

The key to making shiny materials fashionable is keeping the look cohesive. You don’t want to mix and match too many types of glitters and sequins.

If you want to steer towards a minimalistic look, stick with slimming black pants, a black leather jacket, and a colored shirt with a metallic sheen. Great colors for this time of year include emerald green, royal blue, and deep maroon.

Are you wanting to stand out even more from the crowd? Find a shimmery jumpsuit to pair with ankle boots or strappy heels.

For men who don’t want to miss out on the fun, find suit jackets or ties with sheen. A slightly reflective material looks great under the flashing lights of 2022 New Years Eve parties.

The Importance of a Statement Piece

As you plan for New Year’s Eve, looking at the calendar is stressful. It’s startling how quickly time can slip from our hands.

If you don’t have time to shop for a whole new fit, rely on a statement piece. A bold statement piece will elevate the clothing and accessories you already have.

Do you have an everyday shirt you feel confident when wearing? Find a patterned skirt or sequined flared pants. Or spice up a monochrome outfit with a statement purse or necklace.

Are you reusing a dress from the previous year? Shop for a fringe jacket and a new pair of earrings.

Lounging About

You can still look good even while sitting on your couch. There’s no rule about not indulging in casual wear for New Year’s Eve!

Thanks to the pandemic, we saw the rise of fashionable athleisure wear. Carry this fashion movement into the holiday season.

Shop around for matching velvet athleisure sets. Cozy up with sweatpants, a matching jacket, and fuzzy slippers. If you have a couple of family guests coming over, pair the athleisure suit with clean sneakers.

Find the balance of comfort and fashion with an oversized t-shirt dress. Add warmth by layering a turtleneck underneath.

Are you and your partner planning to bring in the new year while sitting on the couch? Buy matching satin pajamas and comfortable night robes.

Secondhand Shop Steals

Buying new clothes racks up major receipts. Avoid spending your bank account on new clothes by heading to local secondhand stores.

Sift through the racks to find something fashionable and vintage. Pair older pieces with new boots and accessories. If you’re feeling adventurous, challenge yourself to create a new look only using thrifted items.

Do you know how to sew? Try a ‘thrift flip’. People do this by finding something ill-fitting at a thrift store and flipping it into a fashionable statement piece using their expert sewing skills.

Get your New Year’s Eve group involved in the fun. Host a group thrifting day, and compete with each other to create the most fashionable vintage outfit.

Never Forget the Accessories

No matter the day or outfit, accessories are crucial. Fashionable accessories take an outfit from “ugh” to “ugh-mazing”.

Forget the stress of trying on new clothes by using pieces you already have. Try on the clothes in front of a mirror and decide how you can elevate the look.

Will the look benefit from a new necklace? Should you find a bold-colored handbag? What about a new scarf to wear as you wander the snowy streets of downtown?

Bringing Style into 2022: New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year’s Even feels like a fashion show each year. Keep a leg up on the competition by using our above holiday style guide.

Keep it sleek and cool by mixing textures in a monochromatic manner. Be bold with glitter and sheen. Show off your style at home by rocking velvet athleisure suits.

For more fashion advice, check out the rest of our site. We also offer tons of reads on entertainment, sports, pets, and travel. There’s something for everyone!

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